The badge

NAWP badges

The minutes for the NAWP committee meetings during 1955 trace the development of the idea and realisation of a badge for the Association.  However, there is a tantalising lack of detail: there is not evidence as to what the unsuccessful designs looked like.

The first mention is a proposal that a President’s badge should be designed for the Association’s 50th anniversary. At the next meeting, there is agreement that the committee should choose from the designs that have been submitted. The following meeting suggests that preference should be given to the “cut out shield” design, but the name of the designer is not noted. However, the final meeting of 1955 begins with a thank you to Mr and Mrs Jones for their efforts.

This fits with the received wisdom that Mr Noel Jones designed the badge. His wife, Nora Jones, was President of NAWP in 1959-1960 and 1960-1961. When she died in 2003, she left a small collection of NAWP material, including some badges, which is now in the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s collections.  Perhaps most interesting is that the material included two designs for the President’s badge, which certainly seems to confirm the idea that her husband was its designer.