LPF steering groups

All LPFs are run and managed by the LPF’s steering groups. Each steering group is made up of local members who volunteer their time and knowledge to support the LPFs events and activities.

We are always on the look out for enthusiastic, forward thinking and motivated pharmacists (from students to retired members) to join our steering groups. 

The LPF steering groups are supported by their Local Relationship Development Manager at the RPS as well as the LPF Steering Group Support Network.

The support network allows steering groups from across GB to get in touch with each other. As a collective voice at a local level, this provides its members with the opportunity to:

  • Share best practice with other steering group leads
  • Engage with each other steering groups on common goals and challenges faced when running a LPF
  • Influence the national agendas from a local perspective

The network also enables the RPS to directly share the latest developments at a local leadership level and provide more direct support to those members who are working hard for other local members.