LPF steering groups

All LPFs are run and managed by the LPF’s steering groups. Each steering group is made up of local members who volunteer their time and knowledge to support the LPFs events and activities. The LPF steering groups are supported by their Local Relationship Development Manager at the RPS as well as the LPF Steering Group Support Network.

The support network allows steering groups from across GB to get in touch with each other. As a collective voice at a local level, this provides its members with the opportunity to:

Share best practice with other steering group leads
Engage with each other steering groups on common goals and
  challenges faced when running a LPF

Influence the national agendas from a local perspective

The network also enables the RPS to directly share the latest developments at a local leadership level and provide more direct support to those members who are working hard for other local members.

Helping steering groups put on events

What is an action pack?

Action packs are one of the ways we have been supporting LPFs since 2012. Each action pack focuses on a specific topic and contains a number of resources designed to support delivery of a range of activities locally. The aim of each pack is to develop best practice locally and to support national pharmacy board priorities.

How can my LPF steering group use an action pack?

Each action pack has been designed so that you have all the necessary resources to deliver a range of activities in your LPF. All you need to do is decide the topic you want to focus on then follow the detailed instructions in the action pack.
Where can I get the packs and resources?

These resources and the detailed instructions are available online for every LPF steering group via the support network. The resources are available online, so that you can make the pack available to your members through your own e-LPF.

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Current Action Packs

So far we have a range of action packs from a series called “Professional Empowerment” which addresses the causes of workplace pressure, such as workload and stress. They look to provide members with the latest information and strategies to empower them. Action pack titles in this series include:

  • Supervision
  • Whistleblowing
  • Responsible pharmacist
  • Professionalism in modern healthcare

The activity format for these topics include:

  • Webinars
  • Talks
  • Online surveys
  • Video seminars
  • And more...

2014 is likely to see the development of action packs on the very important issues of antimicrobial resistance, the new models of care and the new RPS Faculty.

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