Members using online groups

Everyone knows that the fastest way to find something out is to ask someone. Using online groups can give you instant access to a support network of fellow pharmacists that can make an impact your day-to-day practice.

With no prior experience of online tools, members are really starting to seeing the benefits of networking online. Read more about their experiences (below).

Cathy Cooke

Cathy Cooke, Secure Environment Pharmacists Group

“In secure environment pharmacy, the pharmacists are working alone and often in isolation from any other pharmacists. This was the experience I had when I first started working in this area so I decide to join the Secure Environment Pharmacists Group (SEPG). This has been great as I now have a peer network that I can go to when I need some help.

The migration to using the online networks has been an enlightening one – I don’t profess to be particularly technical but I found I got on with the system quite well once I had tried it a few times. I now know that I can access my network at any given time if I need help or support in role from day to day.

When I first started using the system, we had an example where this level of quick access provided vital professional support. There was a change of supplier for methadone in some prisons and a few inmates had complained – it occurred to a fellow SEPG member that other pharmacists in other prisons might be getting similar complaints. He posted the problem on the network and within a week we had ascertain that there had indeed been the same problem in multiple prisons around the country.

With access to this network, the SEPG could not work as collaboratively and I think we are better pharmacists for it.”

David Morgan

David Morgan, North Wales LPF

 “I’m a founding member of the North Wales LPF; I was one of a number of members who gave a ‘member perspective’ to the design of the RPS online networks. This was a great experience and it has been great to see them develop. I am still part of the Moderator’s Network that contributes ideas and improvements on a regular basis.”

 “I now use the network on a daily basis, often several times a day, to upload the latest news in North Wales. I add news, events and discussions on a regular basis. I find it particular useful that I can message all RPS members who live near me at the click of a button.

I also observe the entries made by other LPFs as this acts as a prompt for some of my input. Also update overview page as and when necessary e.g. breaking news.

“The network is extremely valuable but members do not realise it yet. My recommendation to any member would to be log on and find out what you are missing out on”.