How we are governed

National Boards in England, Scotland and Wales form the backbone of the Society. This reflects how devolution has changed healthcare in the three countries, meaning we are much better placed to influence national governments. We are also much closer to our members.

The boards lead the agenda at a national level, focusing on the issues that really matter to our members. They have responsibility for interpreting and developing policy as well as overseeing the delivery of member services locally.

You can find out more about the national boards by clicking on the links below.

The overall strategic direction of the Society will be provided by an Assembly, comprising of 11 members of the national pharmacy boards, a lay member, an academic member and a pharmaceutical scientist. The Assembly will meet much less frequently than the boards and will take a light-touch approach, leaving the boards with the bulk of the work and the responsibility to interpret policy and develop member services to suit their respective countries.

So election to the boards is the key democratic mechanism, and membership of the Assembly will be drawn predominantly from them.

Our Governance Handbook describes and explains the governance framework of the Society.