Our strategy for 2016 - 2021

The RPS strategy 2016-2021 sets out our six strategic goals for the next five years. It has been developed by members of the RPS Assembly in collaboration with the three RPS national pharmacy boards.

Our ultimate goal is to improve patient care; as evidenced by our commitment to developing pharmacists and aiding other healthcare professionals to use medicines more efficiently and effectively.

Our strategic goals

1. We will improve the publics's health and wellbeing »


  1. Being clinically led, member driven and focussed on delivering for patients and the public.
  2. Being the primary source of professional expertise in pharmacy.
  3. Embedding members in all that we do.
  4. Leading the implementation of innovation into practice.
  5. Actively promoting science and pharmacy, across all sectors, at all career stages.
  6. Being the Royal College for pharmacy.

Which means that health organisations, Departments of Health, the 3 NHS systems, all Royal Colleges and professional bodies allied to health and patient care seek professional expertise through the RPS.
As in our Charter, the RPS will lead the profession of pharmacy to improve the public's health and wellbeing.

2. We will be the professional voice of pharmacy »


  1. Increasing public understanding of the role and value of pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists and pharmacy.
  2. Being the primary source of professional thinking and expertise in pharmacy and having a continued high profile in the media.
  3. Securing change in critical professional areas by embedding pharmacy expertise into all aspects of care that involves medicines.
  4. Building evidence of the impact and outcomes provided by pharmacy to influence clinical and professional health developments.
  5. Describing future services and roles, and the development of the entire pharmacy team.
  6. Shaping and supporting emerging new models of care in GB and globally.
  7. Supporting pharmacists in preparing for and adopting new technologies.
  8. Working with other professional bodies and health organisations to improve outcomes for populations.
  9. Influencing legislation and regulation to ensure practice can develop effectively to benefit patients and the public.

Which means that members of the RPS, the profession, other professions and the public, recognise the impact the RPS has had in all areas of science and practice

3. We will support the education and development of the profession »


  1. Broadening and growing the RPS provision of high quality, essential development and learning opportunities for pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists.
  2. Influencing workforce design to meet current and future health needs.
  3. The RPS Foundation and Faculty membership being an essential component of professional development throughout pharmacy.
  4. Ensuring that RPS accredited programmes of education, training and development are universally recognised as high quality.
  5. Supporting quality improvement and service development through professional standards and guidance for all sectors of pharmacy.
  6. Influencing the quality of education, development and learning for pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists, as described in the RPS Vision for the Pharmacy Workforce (2015).

Which means the RPS will shape pharmacy education to advance practice, to meet the needs of the public.

4. We will be a global publisher of medicines information and advice »

By 2021, Pharmaceutical Press (PhP) will broaden its global leadership in high quality pharmaceutical publishing, through a 40% increase in subscriptions, driven by continued investment in its digital technology strategy.

Success indicators by 2021:

  • Subscriptions to PhP products has increased by around 40%.
  • PhP has extended its sales reach for its medicines information across the world, working with an increasing number of countries and organisations
  • RPS/PhP medicines information is used as a primary reference source at the point of care throughout the NHS (ie BNF) and education of pharmacists.
  • PhP will develop new content and products to meet the needs of pharmacists, medics and the pharmaceutical industry in the UK and internationally.
  • The RPS will expand its range of information available to meet the changing needs of the membership of the RPS.
  • New products and services will extend the brands of BNF, Martindale and Stockley’s to meet the needs of members, medics, nurses, dentists and allied health professionals.
  • PhP will create strategic and commercial partnerships in the UK and internationally to extend the influence and reach of the RPS in the area of medicine information.

5. We will drive and support research and innovation in medicines and healthcare »


  1. Leading the education of the profession, the public, policy makers and other healthcare professionals, on major developments in medicine use and innovation.
  2. Supporting the emerging clinical academic workforce; closer working between academia, industry and health; and evaluation across sectors of care.
  3. Supporting research activity and dissemination to promote the implementation of findings.
  4. Promoting the evidence base underpinning the development of new medicines and the delivery of new medical entities.

Which means the RPS will

  • Support and influence key areas of innovation in medicines and healthcare.
  • Promote the application of research in pharmacy, resulting in increased commissioning of pharmacy related research.

6. We will be a viable and sustainable organisation »


  1. Achieving positive financial returns by 2018.
  2. Continuing to work with national and local devolution, efficiently and flexibly across the organisation.
  3. Seeking to attract high calibre people, becoming an employer of choice.
  4. Committing to reducing the RPS’s impact on the environment.
  5. Celebrating and supporting diversity across the profession and RPS team.

Which means the RPS will achieve annual surpluses that provide resources for the development of services and products for members and customers and ensure a viable and sustainable organisation.

Let us know your views


We are encouraging feedback on how we can achieve these strategic goals together, to deliver for you, your patients and the public.

Send us your views by emailing support@rpharms.com