RPS endorsement enables the RPS to provide support and recognition for important pieces of work from other organisations. RPS endorsement grants permission to organisations to use the RPS endorsement logo on specific resources, events or conferences that are considered to make a valued contribution to patient care. We endorse materials and events from organisations such as royal colleges, specialist groups, charities and patient organisations

How do we endorse?

There is a single point of entry for accreditation and endorsement. Resources are reviewed against agreed criteria before endorsement is granted and use of the RPS endorsement logo is subject to brand guidelines and a signed written agreement between both parties. A fee is not charged for endorsement and we do not endorse materials or events from commercial organisations including commercial training providers and other profit-making organisations. These organisations are asked to apply for RPS accreditation instead.

What is the difference between RPS endorsement and RPS accreditation?

Publications and other training and development resources that are to be marketed or have some other commercial basis are suitable for RPS accreditation and are not eligible for RPS endorsement. Materials submitted for accreditation would not have had any involvement or input from the RPS in relation to their design, development, nor consultation at any stage of their developmental process. All accreditation materials are submitted at the final stage of development for review and QA only, and are accredited based on RPS criteria and standards. The RPS may ask for amendments before agreeing to accredit the training if the submissions do not meet the RPS accreditation criteria. On successful completion of the process the RPS accreditation logo (carrying the year of accreditation) is issued for use on materials for the duration of the accreditation period.

Endorsements however do not have a commercial bias and often involve prior input or agreement by the RPS and when endorsed would be eligible to carry the RPS corporate logo for the duration of the publication.

Joint badging

We are often asked to contribute towards the development of key pieces of work collaborating with specialist groups, other professional bodies, healthcare organisations or pharmacy stakeholders. In such instances the RPS logo is used alongside the logos of relevant organisations.