Here are some quick answers to the most frequently asked questions about RPS Accreditation.

How long is the accreditation valid for?

Depending on the type of material to be accredited, the accreditation period is as follows:

  • Events – Accreditation can be granted for ‘one occurrence’ with up to 2 repeats of the same event during the year. Any further repeats may be charged an additional nominal fee or a one-off annual fee as appropriate
  • Training courses – Accreditation is granted for 3 years and updated on an annual basis
  • E-learning programmes – Accreditation is granted for 3 years and updated on an annual basis
  • Published materials – Accreditation is granted for 3 years and updated on an annual basis
  • Regular journals and journal articles as necessary but no annual updates required

As part of the accreditation agreement, you may be asked to update relevant materials and submit changes to the RPS.

Why do I need to update my accredited materials annually?

Each year, we ask you to update your accredited materials and submit these to the RPS. This is an important aspect of our accreditation, as it ensures that users of RPS accredited materials have access to the most up to date information and evidence to support high standards in practice. There is a nominal fee to cover our administrative costs if there are considerable changes. 

The update process will involve submitting:

  • the update form, with a declaration that the materials are up to date and reflect current practice and information
  • a copy of any updated materials for our records and/or user details to access e-learning programmes

We request that you inform us of any changes to your materials for the duration of the accreditation period, in order to validate your accreditation.

Annual updates do not apply to journal articles and regular journals.

What does the review process consist of?

All applications for accreditation will undergo an extensive review by RPS reviewers as appropriate.

For training materials, and where appropriate, we aim to have the materials reviewed by a subject specialist and a reviewer experienced in education and training, so as to ensure that the materials are a valuable training resource.

What about confidentiality?

All materials submitted to us will be treated as confidential and not discussed / disclosed to any third party, not involved in the accreditation process. So as to maintain impartiality we do not disclose our reviewers to applicants.

May I use the RPS accreditation logo?

RPS accreditation includes use of the RPS accreditation logo on materials that are granted ‘Accredited’ status, within the terms and conditions of our guidelines. Where possible we ask that materials submitted to us to be ‘final drafts’, with indication of where the RPS logo is to be positioned.

What if I want to cancel my application?

Should you wish to cancel an application, for any reason, we will be able to refund your fee, depending on which stage in the accreditation process the application has reached.

If the application has not undergone the review, we will refund you the full fee less 25%, for our administrative costs. If the application has already been submitted to our reviewer(s) we will not be able to refund any fees.

What if I want to appeal against a decision to withhold Accreditation?

We make every effort to ensure that all decisions around RPS accreditation are done in a fair and open manner, following an intensive review of your materials.

The accreditation team will be happy to discuss any issues and assist you in applying for accreditation. Please email accreditation@rpharms.com

What should I do if I have a complaint about the RPS Accreditation Service?

Any complaints about the RPS accreditation service should be emailed to complaintsaboutsociety@rpharms.com.

We will follow the standard RPS procedures for complaints and endeavour to resolve these in a fair and open manner.


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