Pharmaceutical Press



In 2012 Pharmaceutical Press has continued to face similar tough economic conditions to those encountered in 2011 but has been able to approach these from a much better position due to the major restructuring efforts and process review that we undertook in 2011. As a result we also realised one of the first major benefits from our process review, by delivering monthly updates of the BNF for the first time, allowing us to provide the profession with more frequently updated information to support them in the safe, effective use of medicines.

Other customer and membership focused developments saw us undertake a large piece of research into what pharmacists want from The Pharmaceutical Journal, particularly in a digital age. Early work based on these findings began at the end of 2012 and we hope to deliver some significant benefits from this throughout the year ahead, including an app, new online service and revitalised content.

Key publishing activities in the year saw a major new edition of 'The handbook of pharmaceutical excipients', a joint venture publication with the American Pharmacists Association, which promisingly exceeded our expectations in print. In addition, with the help of marketing input from the Society, we won the tender to continue publishing the Orange Guide on behalf of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

2012 also saw the appointment of a new managing director, Alina Lourie, who joined Pharmaceutical Press in July. Under the new leadership there has been a re-examination of the business and we have gained support from the Society to invest in developing our products and services. The areas for investment cover digital services, expansion of our mobile offering and focus and investment on international opportunities.

One of our major achievements of the year was winning ISO 9001 accreditation for the whole business. This accreditation has been associated with improved business processes and performance, and more significantly, greater customer satisfaction. It also commits Pharmaceutical Press to a cycle of continuous review and improvement which we hope will ensure our processes remain fit for purpose and drive maximum value to the customer.