Annual Review 2012

Annual Review 2011

2012 was a year which presented many challenges, but exciting opportunities as well. Please read on to find out about the successes of the Society in 2012.

President's message

Martin Astbury

After what was a turbulent year for the profession, with not only a challenging economy but some pretty seismic changes in the way pharmacists are expected to operate, I can't help feeling that we should all recognise and appreciate the stability that being part of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society brings.

With all the changes which took place last year it is worth reflecting on the fact that the RPS has consistently been right where it should be - at the heart of the profession and in a position to influence events for the benefit of members, and through them for the benefit of patients.

Throughout the year we have been fully engaged in work examining the medicines legislation landscape. This work has now evolved to look at rebalancing legislation and professional regulation. We will now be working alongside Government, regulators and other stakeholders to ensure that the profession's point of view is heard. We acknowledge that a new progressive model is needed that allows innovation while ensuring public safety.

It is important that the RPS continues to utilise its seat at the top table, alongside the other healthcare professions, government, and other legislators, to ensure that the needs of its members and their patients are recognised and met.

Meanwhile, as we look away from the bumpy ride that 2012 turned out to be and ahead to a new year there will be a host of new and different ways in which we can support our members in what will no doubt be yet another challenging, but at the same time, exciting year with the launch of the RPS Faculty.

From the Chief Executive

Helen Gordon

Last year was another busy one for the Society as we continued to deliver the services and leadership that members expect from their professional body. We supported them in delivering the best possible care for their patients, all the while continuing to raise the profile of pharmacists and pharmacy on their behalf.

The RPS has been sensitive to the challenges faced by its members during 2012 and to the customers of Pharmaceutical Press. I am delighted with many of the outcomes, both within the Society itself and its PhP operation, which continues to be a major force in publishing with titles such as the British National Formulary (BNF) and of course, The Pharmaceutical Journal.

Last year the Society achieved an impressive improvement in its financial results with a healthy surplus for the year, compared with a deficit in the previous 12 months.

Savings delivered in 2011 and sustainable changes, plus effective management of Society business, has ensured delivery of objectives in 2012 and positions us well to implement the plans and investments for 2013 and the three year business plan.

All the changes and developments taking place in the NHS across all three nations of GB at present mean there is now, more than ever, a need for a professional body for pharmacists, supporting them to deliver their best for patients and the public. Following our stated aims to provide Support, Recognition, Networking, Development and Leadership for pharmacists, last year saw the society undertaking preparatory work leading to the launch of the new RPS Faculty in June 2013. This will be the highlight of yet another eventful year.