What qualification do I need to become a pharmacist?
To become a pharmacist in the UK, you will need to complete a 4 year MPharm degree from one of the Schools of Pharmacy. You will then need to complete a year of preregistration training and then pass an entrance exam set by the General Pharmaceutical Council.

What GCSE’s and A levels do I need?
To have a good chance of getting the correct A levels to study Pharmacy you will require at least 5 A-C, G.C.S.E’s which should include English, Maths and Double Science. To gain a place on an MPharm course you will require Chemistry plus two of either Biology, Physics or Maths. You may be able to get a place with two other subjects but you will need to discuss your situation with the School of Pharmacy that you wish to study at.

I am a mature student and do not have the required A levels to become a pharmacist. Is there any other route?
As a mature student, a better route for you may be an access course. Mature students can enrol on an Access course such as ‘Access to Science’ however acceptance into the MPharm course is at the discretion of the School of Pharmacy that you wish to study at. Accordingly, it is best to discuss your situation with the university’s admission department.

Are there any conversion courses to pharmacy and can I study part-time?
Previous studies may exempt some people from parts of the course that their subject covers under APL (Accreditation of Prior Learning). This means that the university will look at the syllabus of course completed and decide if it is sufficient to exempt the student from part of the MPharm course. This decision is at the discretion of the School of Pharmacy and thus should be discussed with the admissions tutor. Unfortunately there is no opportunity to study part-time as the course is intensive and requires full time learning.

I have completed a pharmacology degree. How can I now become a pharmacist?
Whereas a pharmacy graduate may work as a pharmacologist, a pharmacology graduate, with knowledge of only one subject area of pharmacy, is not able to register as a pharmacist. There are no conversion courses from pharmacology to pharmacy.

Pharmacologists still have to complete a 4 year Pharmacy degree if they are to practise pharmacy although if the student contacts the chosen school of Pharmacy and presents their transcript they may be exempt from the part of the course that pharmacology covers.