Thinking about a career change?
You might feel that you have achieved most of what you wanted to in your current career, and are not looking forward to the prospect of another 30 years doing the same job. Or perhaps redundancy is looming in your company and employment prospects in your profession are gloomy. Maybe your climb up the career ladder looks like coming to a halt.

New direction
What should you do? Keep your head down and hope for the best? Or see this as an opportunity to gain new skills and qualifications and embark on a new career?

You're not alone. It has been estimated that an astonishing 80% of people finish up in the wrong job. Finding a new one might be the best move you've ever made. Don't worry, for most people a major career change is a very positive experience and nearly always a success story.

It's never too late
There are many late entrants into the pharmaceutical profession. People who are drawn to the challenge of the job itself and who want to make a real contribution to society. Or perhaps those who are simply looking for a good living with a secure future.  Perhaps it's time for you to get out of that rut!

Why not take a look at the pharmacy courses on offer and see if they suit you? 

Kerry Street, pharmacy student

“I trained as a dispenser in a pharmacy and experienced the different aspects of pharmacy so it seemed natural to progress further and study to be a pharmacist. As a student I am continually learning new things particularly in the pharmacology modules.

Through the drive and enthusiasm of pharmacists as a whole, I feel the role will become a more integral part of a multidisciplinary team and will become more clinical."

Kerry Street
Pharmacy student