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Returning to practice doesn't need to be a daunting experience!

  • Are you thinking of returning to a familiar role or moving into a different area of practice?
  • Have you been out of practice as a pharmacist for a time and want to now return to the workplace?
  • Are you thinking of moving into a different sector of practice?What do I need to think about when returning to practice?

How can we help you?

We can:

  • advise you on how you can successfully meet your professional obligations
  • support you as you develop your role on your chosen career path
  • help you focus on building your confidence as you return to practice

Our support service aims to help you step back into the workplace with confidence as a competent, safe, effective practitioner for the benefit of patients and the public.


What do I need to think about when returning to practice?

  • Think about the area you plan to return to
  • Identify the gaps in your knowledge and skills and devise a personal development plan to address the gaps

Since the RPSGB demerger on 27 September 2010, the non-practising pharamcist register ceased to exist and only those registered as (practising) pharmacists with the GPhC are are entitled to practice in Great Britain.

The GPhC Standards of Conduct , Ethics and Performance, the scope of your intended role and a job description for the role will help you with your development plan for registration with the GPhC.

Once registered, you are required to maintain a CPD record using the GPhC format.

Even if you are between jobs, changing sector or about to embark on a new role, here is a golden opportunity to start developing a CPD record.

You might want to consider:

  • updating your knowledge of newly licenced medicines
  • keeping abreast of legislative changes and developments in your area of interest

As an RPS member you can apply for Faculty membership and access  our Faculty portfolio and its related support tools. This can help you focus on your competency requirements for your intended role  and help plan your learning activities.

Access to the RPS online guidance, PJ online and the electronic library resources should help make this feasible.

In this section you will find information on:

General information on return to practice
Supporting you with return to practice
• Return to practice and CPD
Return to practice checklist
Case studies