College of Mental Health Pharmacy

College of Mental Health Pharmacists

The College of Mental Health Pharmacy promotes its members as recognised experts in the optimal use of medicines in improving mental health and supports them by a process of ongoing accreditation and education.






  • To drive the development and provision of high quality mental health pharmacy services to all service users
  • To establish accredited pharmacists as recognised expert practitioners in medicines use in mental health
  • To assure the competence of accredited specialist mental health pharmacists


  • To liaise with other professional bodies, organisations and voluntary groups working in mental health to promote optimal use of medicines
  • To advise on appropriate competencies for pharmacy practice and standards for pharmacy services in mental health
  • To set competencies for pharmacy practitioners in mental health that meet the requirements of clinical governance and correlate with competencies set for pharmacists specialising in other areas of practice.
  • To encourage and support pharmacists in achieving the competencies necessary to practice in mental health
  • To accredit individual mental health pharmacists as competent practitioners

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