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Faculty of Cancer Pharmacy

What is the Faculty of Cancer Pharmacy (FCP)

The Faculty is a distinct autonomous professional body. It provides professional support for pharmacists in the UK, from any professional background, who are interested and/or working in the specialist area of cancer pharmacy.

Launched in January 2008 as a joint venture between the College and The British Oncology Pharmacy Association, it is run by a working Board consisting of six people elected from the membership, and works to a formal constitution.

What are the benefits of joining the FCP?

A framework of practice standards (competencies) developed and agreed by the membership, to help you develop your role and ability in this specialist area.

Recognised accreditation as a specialist practitioner (i.e. Member status) in Cancer pharmacy when you demonstrate professional achievements of competence, expertise and excellence against Faculty practice standards.

Access to a tailored education and training programme, consisting of accredited conferences and workshops, designed specifically to support your CPD and progress towards specialist practitioner accreditation (i.e. Member status).

Support in your continuing professional and personal development e.g. through mentoring.

Regular communication with, and support through, a network of peers working and/or interested in this specialist area of practice.

Access to experts in this specialist area of practice.

Knowledge that events and education materials accredited by the Faculty are considered to be of high quality and relevant to Faculty competencies.

Opportunities to influence national strategy development through responses to consultations co-ordinated by the Faculty on behalf of its membership.

Support and promotion of targeted research and development in this area of practice. Access to an electronic discussion group.

Why seek full membership?

To become a member of the Faculty, you will need to demonstrate that you have acquired a range of competencies and skills and are working at a high level. The Faculty's accreditation process requires you to make an assessment of your own competency and evidence this with examples from your own practice. This is then validated through an interview process.

Competency assessment fits with accreditation, re-accreditation and validation of training of FCP members and their associated and subsequent development. It also helps in identifying any gaps in the skills of members and should be useful for employers to help confirm the suitability of an individual for a particular job or post, as the competency framework has been developed in line with the NHS

Knowledge and Skills Frameworks (see separate booklets on these frameworks for further information).

In summary, people seek membership to become formally recognised as a specialist practitioner in the field of cancer pharmacy. It denotes that:

You have proven that you have high standards of practice.

Your skills, knowledge and expertise have been reviewed by a group of your peers working in the same specialist area of practice.

You are committed to continuing professional development.

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