UK Ophthalmic Pharmacy Group

UK Opthalmic Pharmacy Group

Aim: To promote and develop ophthalmic care within pharmacy, particularly in the hospital setting.

To develop members’ knowledge of the ophthalmology speciality, and to discuss and share experiences in ophthalmic care.          



Membership profile

• Membership open to hospital pharmacists and technicians, specialising/ interested in ophthalmology in the UK.                         

• Membership by arrangement for other pharmacy professionals involved in ophthalmic care in the UK and outside the UK ie in community, academia, industry.

(Note: The majority of large ophthalmic units in the UK are represented in the Group. Members include those working in Medicines Information and surgical specialist posts, and in Canada and Singapore).

• No membership fee

Scope of Group

• Two study days/annum

• Group message board (forum-see below)

• Professional issues relating to pharmaceutical products, including appropriate NICE scope consultations.

Membership is via the UK Ophthalmic Pharmacy Group Forum, for more information and to join click here.

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