United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA)

United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association

The UKCPA was established in 1981 with the aim of supporting and encouraging the emergence of clinical pharmacy. Pharmacists, technicians or other health care professionals providing clinical services to patients will benefit from joining the UKCPA.

The UKCPA promotes expert practice in medicines management for the benefit of patients, the public and members, by establishing standards, workforce development and advancing innovation in all health care settings. The UKCPA encourages excellence, leadership and partnership.

It brings together like-minded pharmacists from different practice areas to:

  • Provide a forum for networking and peer support in general and specialist groups
  • Share knowledge, research and experiences in providing clinical care for patients
  • Collaborate with members from the pharmaceutical industry
  • Confer awards for original, practice-based research and development

Current membership comprises over 2,300+ people from all areas of the profession: hospital, community, academia, industry, and pharmacists and technicians who work at the interface between primary and secondary care. With this broad spectrum of members, the Association is able to access and share knowledge and expertise to enable high quality patient-focused care.

What are the benefits of joining UKCPA?

  • 24 hour access to member-only website pages. The website carries all information relating to UKCPA and its activities, including committee member contact details, a statement on pharmaceutical care, future educational events and back issues of In Practice.
  • Discussion boards allow questions to be raised and answered by colleagues  in similar areas of practice. This allows members to facilitate information sharing widely and rapidly. Following research amongst members, UKCPA established that the discussion boards are the most popular benefit for members.
  • Groups many people join to access our Group networks. These bring together members working in specific clinical areas and include recognised experts. UKCPA currently has 18 special interest groups and the aim is to facilitate exchange of information and develop specialist practice. Examples of current groups are: Cardiology, Care of the elderly, Community, Critical Care, Diabetes and Medicines Safety and Quality. More groups and information can be found on our website. Members can join as many groups as they like.
  • Free newsletter In Practice. This quarterly publication contains news from various clinical pharmacy practitioners and groups and what they have been getting up to, both professionally and socially (with the pictures to prove it!). Articles highlight topical clinical pharmacy issues and a round up of UKCPA activity and events.
  • Publications UKCPA has an established policy  of providing clinical management publications, material from seminars, conferences and masterclasses, and other educational resources. These are provided for members or attendees free of charge.
  • Masterclasses Each UKCPA group runs masterclasses relevant to their speciality. Masterclasses represent an ideal opportunity for members to network and share experiences with other practitioners working in their field.
  • Residential symposia UKCPA provides two symposia each year. Each symposium provides a forum for presentation of research in the form of posters or oral communications. Symposia are an ideal opportunity to network with members. The audience range from newly qualified to very experienced practitioners. In recent years, UKCPA has worked alongside the Guild of Healthcare Professionals to present a joint conference in Spring.

For further information, please visit our website.

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