Current consultations

Indoor Air Pollution: Draft scope consultation   NICE   09/03/2017  
Inquiry into loneliness and isolation   National Assembly for Wales   10/03/2017  
Accessible Information Standard Review: Survey for health and social care professionals, and organisations commissioning or providing NHS or adult social care services   NHS England   11/03/2017  
Long-acting reversible contraception: Surveillance consultation   NICE   10/03/2017  
Contraception Priority Setting Partnership: Take Part in the Survey   FSRH   13/03/2017  
Primary hyperparathyroidism: Draft scope consultation   NICE   15/03/2017  
Review of HPB Cancer Quality Performance Indicators Consultation   Scottish Government   24/03/2017  
2017 NDTMS reporting consultation   Public Health England   31/03/2017  
Draft national dementia strategy   Welsh Government   03/04/2017  
Inquiry into managing demand in primary care  
All Party Parliamentary Group on Primary Care and Public Health
Developmental follow-up of children and young people born preterm: Draft guidance consultation   NICE   03/04/2017  
Strategy for pharmacopoeial public quality standards for biological medicines   MHRA   10/04/2017  
ICH E11(R1) guideline on clinical investigation of medicinal products in the pediatric population: Step 2b   European Medicines Agency   13/04/2017  
Child abuse and neglect: Draft guidance consultation   NICE   19/04/2017  
Consultation on Guidance on Healthcare Needs in Schools   Scottish Government   24/04/2017  
Consultation on possible activities under a 'Commission Communication on a One Health Action Plan to support Member States in the fights against Antimicrobial Resistance   European Commission   28/04/2017  
Proposed Changes to Workplace Exposure Limits for Aniline   Health and Safety Executive   30/04/2017  
Securing the licence to practise - introducing a Medical Licensing Assessment   General Medical Council   30/04/2017  
Consultation: New service specifications for Adult Medium and Low Secure Mental Health Services   NHS England   11/05/2017  

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