Current consultations

Proposals for amendments to medicines legislation to simplify the information required to be included in some advertisements to prescribers and suppliers of medicines   MHRA   22/04/2014  
Intravenous fluid therapy in adults in hospital: Quality standard consultation   NICE   22/04/2014  
Invitation to submit written evidence to the inquiry into respiratory deaths   All Party Parliamentary Group on Respiratory Health   23/04/2014  
Transition from children's to adult services: scope consultation   NICE   24/04/2014  
Older people - independence and mental wellbeing: call for evidence   NICE   25/04/2014  
Follow-up inquiry into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Skills   National Assembly for Wales   25/04/2014  
Statutory duty of candour for health and adult social care providers consultation   Department of Health   25/04/2014  
Service Development and Commissioning Directives: Chronic Non-Malignant Pain   Welsh Government   25/04/2014  
Arthritis and chronic musculoskeletal conditions   Welsh Government   25/04/2014  
Workplace health - older employees: consultation on the draft scope (Public Health Guidance)   NICE   28/04/2014  
Follow-up inquiry on the contribution of community pharmacy to health services   National Assembly for Wales
Exercise referral schemes: consultation on the draft guideline   NICE   02/05/2014  
Sepsis - the recognition, diagnosis and management of Severe Sepsis: scope consultation   NICE   02/05/2014  
Point-of-care coagulometers for self-monitoring coagulation status in people on long-term vitamin K antagonist therapy who have atrial fibrillation or heart valve disease: diagnostics consultation

  NICE   07/05/2014  
Assessment and Management of Cirrhosis: scoping consultation   NICE   12/05/2014  
Acute coronary syndromes (including myocardial infarction): Quality standard consultation   NICE   13/05/2014  
Oral health - local authority oral health improvement strategies: guideline consultation   NICE   15/05/2014  
Drug Allergy: Guideline Consultation   NICE   16/05/2014  
Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England: Call for evidence   The King's Fund   16/05/2014  
Dyspepsia and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease guideline consultation   NICE   19/05/2014  
Welsh Implementation Plan for Rare Diseases   Welsh Government   23/05/2014  
CG32 Nutrition support in adults: surveillance review proposal consultation   NICE   25/05/2014  
Data Interface Consultation   HSCIC   30/05/2014  
Involuntary dependence to prescription medications – call for evidence   BMA   30/05/2014  
Consultation on how CQC regulate, inspect and rate services   Care Quality Commission   04/06/2014  
Consultation on introducing the European Professional Card (EPC) for nurses, doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, engineers, mountain guides & real estate agents   European Commission   06/06/2014  
Methods of Technology Appraisal Consultation   NICE   20/06/2014  
Consultation: Collaborative Tuberculosis Strategy for England   Public Health England   24/06/2014  
Public Health White Paper consultation   Welsh Government   24/06/2014  
NICE guidelines - the manual consultation   NICE   30/06/2014  

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