Current consultations

Oral health - in nursing and residential care: call for evidence   NICE   24/11/2014  
Dual diagnosis: scope consultation   NICE   25/11/2014  
Irritable bowel syndrome (update): addendum consultation   NICE   26/11/2014  
Changes to how the Professional Standards Authority is funded   Department of Health
Draft inventory of paediatric therapeutic needs: Paediatric oncology   European Medicines Agency   30/11/2014  
Cross-border health-care between England and Wales web forum   Welsh Affairs Committee   01/12/2014  
Improving outcomes in breast cancer: surveillance review proposal   NICE   01/12/2014  
The safe use and management of controlled drugs: scope consultation   NICE   01/12/2014  
Falls - assessment and secondary prevention in older people: quality standard consultation   NICE   03/12/2014  
Service guidance for improving outcomes for people with brain and other central nervous system tumours: surveillance review proposal   NICE   03/12/2014  
The draft National Health Service pension scheme regulations 2015: consultation document and explanatory notes   Department of Health   05/12/2014  
Improving children and young people’s mental health services   Department of Health   05/12/2014  
Consultation on Progestogen-only pill Guidance   FSRH   08/12/2014  
Urinary tract infections in adults quality standard   NICE   09/12/2014  
GPhC seeks views on draft guidance for registered pharmacies providing internet and distance sale, supply or service provision   GPhC   10/12/2014  
Language controls for healthcare and associated professions   Department of Health   15/12/2014  
Cystic fibrosis: scope consultation   NICE   18/12/2014  
Consultation on Management of unscheduled bleeding in women using hormonal contraception   FSRH   19/12/2014  
A Consultation on Electronic Cigarettes and Strengthening Tobacco Control in Scotland   Scottish Government   02/01/2015  
Consultation on Proposals for an Offence of Wilful Neglect or Ill-Treatment in Health and Social Care Settings   Scottish Government   02/01/2015  
Openness and honesty when things go wrong: the professional duty of candour   NMC   05/01/2015  
Kent Draft Pharmaceutical Needs Assessments 2014   Kent & Medway Public Health   05/01/2015  
Bronchiolitis in children: guideline consultation   NICE   05/01/2015  
Liver disease draft delivery plan   Welsh Government   06/01/2015  
Anaemia management in chronic kidney disease (update): guideline consultation   NICE   08/01/2015  
Consultation on health and social care fees for providers   Care Quality Commission   09/01/2015  
Inquiry into alcohol and substance misuse   National Assembly for Wales’ Health and Social Care Committee   09/01/2015  
Suspected cancer: guideline consultation   NICE   09/01/2015  
Consultation on Proposals to Introduce a Statutory Duty of Candour for Health and Social Care Services  

Scottish Government

Violence and aggression (update): guideline consultation   NICE   14/01/2015  
Administration of Radioactive Substances Advisory Committee: triennial review   NICE   14/01/2015  
Health Standards Framework   Welsh Government   26/01/2015  
Revised framework for development of influenza vaccines   European Medicines Agency   30/01/2015  

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