Current consultations

Consultation on changes to technology appraisals and highly specialised technologies   NICE   13/01/2017  
Consultation on guidance on social media for registrants   Health and Care Professions Council   13/01/2017  
Consultation on revised guidance on Continuing Professional Development   Health and Care Professions Council   13/01/2017  
Consultation on revised guidance on confidentiality   Health and Care Professions Council   13/01/2017  
Public consultation on strengthening EU cooperation on Health Technology Assessment (HTA)   European Commission   13/01/2017  
Consultation Guide on Commissioning Policies: Funding of Treatment outside of Clinical Commissioning Policy or Mandated NICE Guidance - A. In-year service development, B. Individual Funding Requests, C. Funding for experimental and unproven treatments, D.   NHS England   15/01/2017  
Proposed action to reduce sales of sugar-sweetened drinks on NHS premises   NHS England   18/01/2017  
Review of Upper GI Cancer Quality Performance Indicators Consultation   Scottish Government   20/01/2017  
Consultation on the New National Health and Social Care Standards   Scottish Government   22/01/2017  
Air pollution - outdoor air quality and health: Draft guidance consultation   NICE   25/01/2017  
Liver disease: Quality Standard consultation   NICE   02/02/2017  
Consultation: First 1,000 Days   National Assembly for Wales   03/02/2017  
Records Management Code of Practice for Health and Social Care 2016   Welsh Government   09/02/2017  
Eating disorders - recognition and treatment:Draft guidance consultation   NICE   20/01/2017  
Guidance for the Provision of Anaesthetic Services 2017 consultation   Royal College of Anaesthetists   22/01/2017  
Draft addendum on alcohol-use disorders: diagnosis and management of physical complications   NICE   24/01/2017  
Person- and community-centred approaches - Core Skills Education and Training Framework Consultation Survey   Health Education England, Skills for Health and Skills for Care   30/01/2017  
Urinary incontinence (update) and pelvic organ prolapse in women: management: Draft scope consultation   NICE   31/01/2017  
GPhC seeks views on supervising independent prescribers in training   General Pharmaceutical Council   01/02/2017  
Inquiry into primary care   National Assembly for Wales   03/02/2017  
Oral health in care homes and hospitals: Quality Standard consultation   NICE   03/02/2017  
Consultation on next phase of regulation   Care Quality Commission   14/02/2017  
Asthma management: Draft guidance consultation   NICE   16/02/2017  
Public consultation on new expectations for adult male prisons   Ministry of Justice   17/02/2017  
Proposed redesign of learning disability and autistic spectrum disorder services   NHS England   23/02/2017  
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services Consultation   NHS England   28/02/2017  
Consultation on improving how patients and the public can help develop NICE guidance and standards   NICE   28/02/2017  
Consultation on standards for the initial education and training of pharmacy technicians   General Pharmaceutical Council   01/03/2017  
Consultation on religion, personal values and beliefs in pharmacy practice   General Pharmaceutical Council   07/03/2017  
Consultation on revised threshold criteria   General Pharmaceutical Council   07/03/2017  
Draft national dementia strategy   Welsh Government   03/04/2017  
Strategy for pharmacopoeial public quality standards for biological medicines   MHRA   10/04/2017  
ICH E11(R1) guideline on clinical investigation of medicinal products in the pediatric population: Step 2b   European Medicines Agency   13/04/2017  

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