Current consultations

Expanding CQC ratings to include independent healthcare providers   Care Quality Commission   14/10/2016  
Head and neck cancer: quality standard consultation   NICE   14/10/2016  
Welsh Language Standards – Improving services for Welsh speakers within the health sector   Welsh Government   14/10/2016  
Organ donation for transplantation NICE guideline CG135 – 4-year surveillance review   NICE   14/10/2016  
FSRH Guideline Public Consultation: Contraception after Pregnancy   FSRH   19/10/2016  
Draft NHS Standard Contract for consultation 2017/18 and 2018/19   NHS England   21/10/2016  
Smoking cessation interventions and services: call for evidence   NICE   24/10/2016  
Spondyloarthritis draft guideline consultation   NICE   25/10/2016  
Diagnostic services: call for evidence   NICE   26/10/2016  
Care of dying adults in the last days of life NICE quality standard: draft for consultation   NICE   27/10/2016  
Never Events policy and framework review 2016 consultation   NHS Improvement   28/10/2016  
Standards for postgraduate curricula and regulated credentials   General Medical COuncil (GMC)
Managing conflicts of interest in the NHS: A consultation   NHS England   30/10/2016  
Consultation on sampling continuing professional development records for review   General Pharmaceutical Council   31/10/2016  
Consultation on new rules and guidance on the advertising of e-cigarettes   Committees of Advertising Practice   31/10/2016  
Consultation on the Clinical Commissioning Policy Proposition: Commissioning Medicines in Children   NHS England   04/11/2016  
Alcohol: School-based interventions: Draft scope   NICE   04/11/2016  
Quick Guide: Extending the role of community pharmacy in urgent care   NHS England   06/11/2016  
Public Consultation on revised Code of Ethics   Pharmaceutical Society of Australia   11/11/2016  
Parkinson's disease in adults: diagnosis and managment Draft for consultation   NICE   15/11/2016  
Service Standards for Workload in Sexual and Reproductive Health   FSRH   18/11/2016  
Inquiry into medical recruitment   National Assembly for Wales   18/11/2016  
Mental health of adults in contact with the criminal justice system: identifying and managing mental health problems and integrating care Draft guideline for consultation   NICE   18/11/2016  
Independent Patient Funding Request Review 2016   Welsh Government   18/11/2016  
HCPC consultation on revised standards of education and training (SETs) and supporting guidance   The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)   25/11/2016  
Consultation on guidance on social media for registrants   Health and Care Professions Council   13/01/2017  
Consultation on revised guidance on Continuing Professional Development   Health and Care Professions Council   13/01/2017  
Consultation on revised guidance on confidentiality   Health and Care Professions Council   13/01/2017  

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