Current consultations

Health Premium Incentive Scheme 2014/15 and Public Health Allocations: a Technical Consultation   Department of Health and Public Health England   23/10/2014  
Diabetes in pregnancy (update): guideline consultation   NICE
Smoke-free private vehicles carrying children   Welsh Government   24/10/2014  
Amendments to the Human Medicines Regulations 2012   MHRA and Department of Health   31/10/2014  
Call for evidence on: ‘Oral health: approaches for general dental practice teams on promoting oral health’   NICE
Cancer Drugs Fund Consultation October 2014   NHS England   31/10/2014  
Prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections: review proposal documents   NICE   31/10/2014  
Secondary prevention of myocardial infarction: topic engagement exercise   NICE   31/10/2014  
Lipid modification: topic engagement exercise   NICE   31/10/2014  
Cardiovascular risk assessment: topic engagement exercise   NICE   31/10/2014  
EMA public consultation on functional specification for portal and database that will underpin the EU Clinical Trials Regulation   European Medicines Agency   31/10/2014  
Ketamine rescheduling consultation   Home Office   03/11/2014  
NICE Public Health draft guidance Maintaining a healthy weight and preventing excess weight gain among children and adults: guideline consultation   NICE   04/11/2014  
Physical health of people in prison: scope consultation   NICE   04/11/2014  
Public health guidance on Workplace policy and management practices to improve the health of employees   NICE   05/11/2014  
Consultation on Amendments to the statutory scheme to control the prices of branded health service medicines   Department of Health   07/11/2014  
Medicines optimisation: guideline consultation   NICE   07/11/2014  
Managing medicines in care homes: quality standard consultation   NICE   07/11/2014  
Making health and social care information accessible draft standard   NHS England   09/11/2014  
Acute medical emergencies in adults and young people , service guidance: scope consultation   NICE   12/11/2014  
Safe Midwifery Staffing for Maternity Settings - Guideline consultation   NICE   13/11/2014  
Reviewing how the GMC deal with concerns about doctors: A public consultation on changes to GMC sanctions guidance and on the role of apologies and warnings   General Medical Council   14/11/2014  
Improving Clinical Engineering and Physical Science Services (iCEPSS) – Consultation on the Standards   Academy for Healthcare Science   14/11/2014  
End of life care for infants, children and young people: scope consultation   NICE   18/11/2014  
Changes to how the Professional Standards Authority is funded   Department of Health
Draft inventory of paediatric therapeutic needs: Paediatric oncology   European Medicines Agency   30/11/2014  
The draft National Health Service pension scheme regulations 2015: consultation document and explanatory notes   Department of Health   05/12/2014  
GPhC seeks views on draft guidance for registered pharmacies providing internet and distance sale, supply or service provision   GPhC   10/12/2014  
A Consultation on Electronic Cigarettes and Strengthening Tobacco Control in Scotland   Scottish Government   02/01/2015  
Consultation on Proposals for an Offence of Wilful Neglect or Ill-Treatment in Health and Social Care Settings   Scottish Government   02/01/2015  
Consultation on Proposals to Introduce a Statutory Duty of Candour for Health and Social Care Services  

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