Current consultations

Tuberculosis: Quality Standard consultation   NICE   09/08/2016  
End of life care for infants, children and young people: Draft guidance consultation   NICE   12/08/2016  
Draft Proposals for a ‘No-blame’ Redress Scheme in Scotland for Harm Resulting from Clinical Treatment - consultation   Scottish Government   12/08/2016  
Osteoporosis : Topic engagement   NICE   16/08/2016  
Transition from children's to adults' services: Quality Standard consultation   NICE   22/08/2016  
Community engagement: improving health and wellbeing : Quality Standard consultation   NICE   22/08/2016  
Heavy menstrual bleeding (update) : Draft scope consultation   NICE   23/08/2016  
Falls: prevention : Quality Standard consultation   NICE   25/08/2016  
Review of Renal Cancer Quality Performance Indicators Consultation   NHS Scotland   26/08/2016  
Draft guideline on the clinical development of medicinal products for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder   European Medicines Agency   31/08/2016  
Clinical Trials Regulations – have your say   MHRA   31/08/2016  
Public consultation: Proposals for draft EU guidelines on the prudent use of antimicrobials in human medicines   European Centre for Disease Prevention and control (ECDC)   05/09/2016  
New data security standards for health and social care   Department of Health   07/09/2016  
Drug misuse prevention : Draft guidance consultation   NICE   07/09/2016  
Renal replacement therapy : Draft scope consultation   NICE   07/09/2016  
Inquiry into the sustainability of the health and social care workforce - consultation   National Assembly for Wales   09/09/2016  
Reporting and acting on child abuse and neglect   Home Office and Department for Education   13/09/2016  
Mental Health in Scotland – a 10 year vision   Scottish Government   16/09/2016  
RPS Professional Standards for Homecare Services Survey   Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS)   18/09/2016  
Consultation on phase 1 implementation of the Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act 2016   Welsh Government   20/09/2016  
SELECT COMMITTEE ON THE LONG-TERM SUSTAINABILITY OF THE NHS - call for evidence   The House of Lords Select Committee   23/09/2016  
Workforce Development Goals   International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)   30/09/2016  
Global Vision for the Workforce and Workforce Development   International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)   30/09/2016  
Developing the UK medical register   General Medical Council   07/10/2016  
Consultation on revised guidance on returning to practice   Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)   07/10/2016  
Quick Guide: Extending the role of community pharmacy in urgent care   NHS England   06/11/2016  

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