Current consultations

Doing, supporting and using public health research   Public Health England   03/03/2015  
Lower urinary tract symptoms in men (update SC): addendum consultation   NICE   03/03/2015  
Type 1 Diabetes (update): guideline consultation   NICE   04/03/2015  
Diabetes in children and young people: guideline consultation   NICE   04/03/2015  
Type 2 Diabetes: guideline consultation   NICE   04/03/2015  
Diabetic foot problems: guideline consultation   NICE   04/03/2015  
Smoking - harm reduction: quality standard consultation   NICE   05/03/2015  
Talk to me 2: Consultation on the draft 'Suicide and Self Harm Prevention Strategy and Action Plan for Wales'   Welsh Government   05/03/2015  
Smoking - harm reduction: quality standard consultation   NICE   05/03/2015  
Cosmetic Surgery Interspeciality Committee Consultation Document   Royal College of Surgeons   06/03/2015  
NHS Bodies and Local Authorities Partnership Arrangements (Amendment) Regulations 2015: public consultation   Department of Health   08/03/2015  
CG107 Hypertension in pregnancy: surveillance review proposal   NICE   09/03/2015  
Management of Patients who are taking Anticoagulants or Antiplatelet Drugs and require Dental Treatment: Consultation on draft   Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme   09/03/2015  
Asthma - diagnosis and monitoring: guideline consultation   NICE   11/03/2015  
A consultation on updating the NHS Constitution   Department of Health   11/03/2015  
Melanoma: guideline consultation   NICE   13/03/2015  
Consultation on revised code of practice for prevention and control of infections and the related guidance   Department of Health
Atrial fibrillation: quality standard consultation   NICE   13/03/2015  
MHRA Stakeholder Engagement survey- Medical Devices Industry   MHRA   15/03/2015  
Antimicrobial Stewardship: guideline consultation   NICE   17/03/2015  
Reclassification of Otrivine extra dual relief nasal spray solution (ARM 90) POM to P   MHRA   18/03/2015  
Consultation on how CQC regulate specialist substance misuse services   Care Quality Commission   19/03/2015  
Consultation on draft standards for medical education and training   General Medical Council   24/03/2015  
Venous Thromboembolism - Reducing the risk: addendum consultation   NICE   24/03/2015  
Cataracts: scope consultation   NICE   25/03/2015  
Safeguarding in the NHS - Accountability and Assurance Framework- draft for consultation   NHS England   26/03/2015  
Workplace health - older employees: call for evidence 2015   NICE
Dyspepsia: quality standard consultation   NICE   27/03/2015  
Bipolar disorder in adults: quality standard consultation   NICE   27/03/2015  
Depression in adults (update): scope consultation   NICE   30/03/2015  
Draft Hearings and Sanctions Guidance   General Pharmaceutical Council   31/03/2015  
UKPHR Consultation in relation to New Fitness to Practice Rules   UK Public Health Register   10/04/2015  
UKPHR consultation ion response to new Appeals Rules   UK Public Health Register   10/04/2015  
Proposals to allow orthoptists to sell, supply and administer medicines under exemptions within the Human Medicines Regulations (2012) across the United Kingdom   NHS England   24/04/2015  
Proposals to introduce supplementary prescribing by dietitians across the UK   NHS England   24/04/2015  
How we regulate NHS 111 services   Care Quality Commission   24/04/2015  
Investing in specialised commissioning - public consultation   NHS England   27/04/2015  
Specialised Services - Policy and Specification Consultation   NHS England   30/04/2015  
Rebalancing medicines legislation and pharmacy regulation: draft Orders under section 60 of the Health Act 1999 - consultation document   Department of Health   14/05/2015  
Draft 2015 fees rules   General Pharmaceutical Council   15/05/2015  
Proposals to introduce independent prescribing by paramedics across the UK   NHS England   22/05/2015  
Proposals to introduce independent prescribing by radiographers across the UK   NHS England   22/05/2015  

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