Current consultations

Hormonal pregnancy tests: call for evidence   MHRA   30/06/2015  
Consultation on the recommendations from the education and training review for the Accredited Registers programme   Professional Standards Authority   30/06/2015  
HEE Workforce Planning and Strategic Framework - 2015/16 Call for Evidence   Health Education England (HEE)   30/06/2015  
Consultation on changes to the risk assessment framework: June 2015
  Monitor   01/07/2015  
Sexual health, condom distribution schemes: consultation on the draft scope   NICE   01/07/2015  
Call for evidence: minimum salary thresholds for Tier 2   Migration Advisory Commitee (MAC)   03/07/2015  
Emergency Care Data Set - Consultation   Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC)   06/07/2015  
Call for evidence: Good practice in knowledge exchange   Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE)   06/07/2015  
Medicines Optimisation: key therapeutic topics Consultation on topics for the January 2016 update   NICE   09/07/2015  
Tuberculosis (update): draft guideline consultation   NICE   10/07/2015  
Oral health promotion approaches for dental teams: consultation on the draft guideline   NICE   10/07/2015  
Older people - independence and mental wellbeing: consultation on the draft guidance   NICE   10/07/2015  
Transfusion: draft guideline consultation   NICE   13/07/2015  
Social care of older people with complex care needs and multiple long-term conditions: draft guideline consultation   NICE   13/07/2015  
Preterm labour and birth: draft guideline consultation   NICE   13/07/2015  
Menopause: draft guideline consultation   NICE   13/07/2015  
Intravenous fluids therapy in children: draft guideline consultation   NICE   13/07/2015  
Children's attachment: draft guideline consultation   NICE   13/07/2015  
Intrapartum care: quality standard consultation   NICE   13/07/2015  
Acute heart failure - diagnosis and management in adults: quality standard consultation   NICE   14/07/2015  
Preventing unintentional injury among children and young people under 15: quality standard consultation   NICE   14/07/2015  
Domestic violence: quality standard consultation   NICE   14/07/2015  
Management of chronic heart failure-consultation   Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN)   17/07/2015  
Parkinson's disease (update): call for evidence   NICE   20/07/2015  
Type 2 diabetes: guideline consultation 2   NICE   24/07/2015  
The review of the performance of the health and care regulators - consultation   Professional Standards Authority   27/07/2015  
Transition between inpatient hospital settings and community or care home settings for adults with social care needs: draft guideline consultation   NICE   06/08/2015  
Future standards for the initial education and training of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy support staff-Consultation   General Pharmaceutcial Council   14/08/2015  
Consultation on the English language requirements and process for registration with the NMC   Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)   21/08/2015  
Draft guideline on the assessment of the risk to public health from antimicrobial resistance due to the use of an antimicrobial veterinary medicinal product in food-producing animals   European Medicines Agency (EMA)   31/08/2015  
Draft guideline on the quality, non-clinical and clinical aspects of gene therapy medicinal products   European Medicines Agency (EMA)   31/08/2015  
Guidance for all doctors who offer cosmetic interventions - a public consultation on our draft guidance   General Medical Council   01/09/2015  
Public Health (Wales) Bill-Consultation   Health and Social Care Commitee   04/09/2015  
Future approaches to quality assessment in England, Wales and Northern Ireland: Consultation   Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE)   18/09/2015  
Draft guideline on clinical investigation of medicinal products other than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis   European Medicines Agency (EMA)   29/11/2015  

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