Current consultations

Management and organisational approaches to safe staffing   NICE   22/04/2015  
Pneumonia: topic engagement   NICE   22/04/2015  
Diabetes in pregnancy: topic engagement   NICE   22/04/2015  
Specialised Services - Policy and Specification Consultation   NHS England   23/04/2015  
Proposals to allow orthoptists to sell, supply and administer medicines under exemptions within the Human Medicines Regulations (2012) across the United Kingdom   NHS England   24/04/2015  
Proposals to introduce supplementary prescribing by dietitians across the UK   NHS England   24/04/2015  
How we regulate NHS 111 services   Care Quality Commission   24/04/2015  
Call for evidence - Physical Health of People in Prison: assessment, diagnosis and management of physical health problems of people in Prison   NICE   24/04/2015  
Investing in specialised commissioning - public consultation   NHS England   27/04/2015  
Specialised Services - Policy and Specification Consultation   NHS England   30/04/2015  
Haematological cancers - improving outcomes (update)   NICE   30/04/2015  
Obesity - prevention and management in adults: topic engagement   NICE   30/04/2015  
Consultation on Service Standards for Consultation Skills   Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists   01/05/2015  
Aesthetic medicine services - Non-surgical medical procedures   British Standards Institute (BSI)   04/05/2015  
Improving outcomes in head and neck cancers: surveillance review proposal   NICE   04/05/2015  
Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease in children and young people:topic engagement  
Commissioning Guide: Glaucoma   The Royal College of Opthalmologists   11/05/2015  
Asthma management: consultation on the draft scope   NICE   13/05/2015  
Rebalancing medicines legislation and pharmacy regulation: draft Orders under section 60 of the Health Act 1999 - consultation document   Department of Health   14/05/2015  
Consultation on guidance for commissioning substance misuse services   The Welsh Government   14/05/2015  
Draft 2015 fees rules   General Pharmaceutical Council   15/05/2015  
Reforming our fitness to practise investigation and adjudication processes - a public consultation on changes to our rules   General Medical Council   20/05/2015  
Proposals to introduce independent prescribing by paramedics across the UK   NHS England   22/05/2015  
Proposals to introduce independent prescribing by radiographers across the UK   NHS England   22/05/2015  
Consultation on healthcare regulation in secure settings   Care Quality Commission   24/05/2015  
Draft guideline for the demonstration of efficacy for veterinary medicinal products containing antimicrobial substances   European Medicines Agency (EMA)   31/05/2015  
Consultation on the implementation of the recommendations, principles and actions set out in the report of the Freedom to Speak Up review   Department of Health   04/06/2015  
EMA consultation: Preventing medication errors in the European Union   European Medicines Agency (EMA)   14/06/2015  
Consultation on revised Standards of conduct, performance and ethics   Health and Care Professions Council   26/06/2015  
Hormonal pregnancy tests: call for evidence   MHRA   30/06/2015  
Draft guideline on the assessment of the risk to public health from antimicrobial resistance due to the use of an antimicrobial veterinary medicinal product in food-producing animals   European Medicines Agency (EMA)   31/08/2015  

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