Current consultations

Urinary tract infection in adults: topic engagement exercise   NICE   24/07/2014  
Excess winter deaths and illnesses: guideline consultation   NICE   25/07/2014  
Alcohol - preventing harmful alcohol use in the community: quality standard consultation   NICE   29/07/2014  
Antibiotics for neonatal infection: quality standard consultation   NICE   29/07/2014  
Pneumonia: guideline consultation   NICE   30/07/2014  
Post-natal care (update): addendum consultation   NICE   31/07/2014  
Maternal and child nutrition: review proposal consultation   NICE   31/07/2014  
Preventing type 2 diabetes - population and community-level interventions: review proposal consultation   NICE   01/08/2014  
Standards for the accreditation of programs to support pharmacist administration of vaccines   Australian Pharmacy Council   01/08/2014  
Cerebral Palsy: scope consultation   NICE   04/08/2014  

CD269 – Consultation on proposals on the alignment of health and safety regulations with the EU direct acting Class
  Health and Safety Executive   05/08/2014  
Consultation on the introduction of regulations for standardised packaging of tobacco products   Department of Health   07/08/2014  
Obesity - prevention and lifestyle management in children: quality standard consultation   NICE   07/08/2014  
Protecting health and care information: a consultation on proposals to introduce new regulations   Department of Health   08/08/2014  
Obesity (update): guideline consultation   NICE   08/08/2014  
NMC Consultation on a draft revised Code and proposed approach to revalidation for nurses and midwives   NMC   11/08/2014  
Draft Code of practice on confidential information: consultation   Health and Social Care Information Centre   18/08/2014  
Review of National Care Standards - Consultation   Scottish Government   19/08/2014  
Accreditation process manual update for consultation   NICE   26/08/2014  

Proposals to make private vehicles smokefree when carrying children 

  NICE   27/08/2014  
Antenatal and postnatal mental health (update): guideline consultation   NICE   27/08/2014  
The Dalton Review   Department of Health   31/08/2014  
Revision of the 2008 Basel Statements on the Future of Hospital Pharmacy   International Pharmacy Federation   01/09/2014  
NICE quality standards - the process guide   NICE   03/09/2014  

Disability, dementia and frailty in later life - mid-life approaches to prevention: guideline consultation

  NICE   05/09/2014  
Post-legislative scrutiny of the Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010   National Assembly for Wales
Consultation on integrated multi-agency inspections of children's services   Care Quality Commission    12/09/2014  
Stronger code: better care consultation on proposed changes to the code of practice: mental health act 1983   Department of Health   12/09/2014  
Review of National Care Standards - Consultation   Scottish Government   17/08/2014  
Consultation: New psychoactive substances ("legal highs")   National Assembly for Wales   26/09/2014  
Review proposal: 'Drug misuse and dependence: UK guidelines on clinical management’   Public Health England   30/09/2014  
Questions and answers on benzalkonium chloride in the context of the revision of the guideline on excipients in the label and package leaflet of medicinal products for human use   European Medicines Agency   30/09/2014  
Consultation on ‘Science 2.0’: Science in Transition   European Commission   30/09/2014  
Proposals to include schedules 2 and 3 controlled drugs within the scope of the electronic prescription service   Department of Health   09/10/2014  

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