Do you need a support tool to develop your leadership skills?

The NHS networks provide a valuable self-assessment tool for anyone in health and care services, who would like to identify where their leadership strengths and development needs lie and to assist them with their professional development.

The tool, although designed for clinicians, provides valuable support to RPS members as it is linked to the Leadership Competency Framework (LCF) spanning the five framework domains (demonstrating personal qualities, working with others, managing services, improving services and setting direction) and each of their four elements.

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Developing leadership

Developing leadership

Leadership is a key part of all clinicians’ work regardless of their professional sector and setting. In the complex world of healthcare the belief that a single person is the leader or manager is far from reality. Leadership is a competency-based behaviour that has to come from everyone involved in healthcare.

Pharmacy staff work in multidisciplinary environments focused on the needs and safety of patients and where collective leadership is the responsibility of the team. Whilst there is a formal leader of the team who is accountable for the performance of the team, the responsibility for identifying problems, solving them and implementing the appropriate action is shared by everyone. Within a shared leadership model, leadership passes from individual to individual along the patient’s pathway of care.

While the primary focus is on pharmacy professionals’ practice all pharmacy professionals work in systems and within organisations and they have a direct and far-reaching impact on patient experiences and outcomes. Pharmacy professionals have a responsibility to contribute to the effective running of the organisation in which they work and to its future direction. The development of leadership competence needs to be an integral part of a pharmacy professionals’ training and learning.

The Leadership Competency Framework for Pharmacy Professionals is built on the concept of shared leadership where leadership is not restricted to people who hold designated leadership roles, and where there is a shared sense of responsibility for the success of the organisation and its services. Acts of leadership can come from anyone in the organisation, as appropriate at different times, and are focused on the achievement of the group rather than of an individual.

For the latest information about the Leadership Framework, please see the Leadership Framework Update.


Who is it for?

The Leadership Competency Framework for Pharmacy Professionals applies to all pharmacy professionals at every stage of their professional journey: from the time they enter formal training, become qualified as a practitioner and throughout their continuing professional development as experienced practitioners.

There is no universal or common pathway followed by all pharmacy professionals, hence the way they demonstrate competence and ability will vary according to the career trajectory and their level of experience and training. Nevertheless, all competences should be capable of being achieved at all career stages, dependent on the context of their role and practice. Within the various developmental routes for each profession some core processes have been identified and are used throughout the Leadership Competency Framework (LCF). These are as:

Student – pre-registration entry level formal education
Practitioner – qualified or registered professional
Experienced practitioner – practitioner with greater complexity and responsibility in their role

Using this spectrum as a guide, examples are given throughout the framework to provide users with context in which they are able to relate their practice. All domains and elements of the framework are dynamic and apply to all students, pharmacy professionals in training, experienced practitioners and consultant practitioners. However, the application of and opportunity to demonstrate, the competences in the leadership framework will differ according to the career stage of the pharmacy professional and the type of role they fulfil. The context in which competence can be achieved will become more complex and demanding with career progression.

Delivering services to patients, service users, carers and the public is at the heart of the Leadership Competency Framework for Pharmacy Professionals. Practitioners work hard to improve services for people. The word ‘patient’ is used generically to cover patients, service users, customers and all those who receive healthcare. The word ‘other’ is used to describe all colleagues from any discipline and organisation, as well as patients, service users, carers and the public.

There are five domains highlighted below. To deliver appropriate, safe and effective services it is essential that any pharmacy professional is competent in each of the five domains. Within each domain there are four elements and each of these elements is further divided into four competency statements that describe the activity all pharmacy professionals should be able to demonstrate.

1. Demonstrating personal qualities
2. Working with others
3. Managing services
4. Improving services
5. Setting direction

For more information download the Leadership Competency Framework for Pharmacy Professionals

Each section of this document starts with an overview of the domain. Each domain has four elements, and each element is further described as four competences to be attained.