Current GPhC CPD requirements

Important: Please be aware that the CPD system is under review by GPhC.

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Continuous professional development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development - CPD

CPD is changing
The requirements for CPD are changing as the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) have been reviewing the process for Continuing Fitness to Practise (CFtP) which includes CPD.

What could the new CPD system look like?

We expect the new CPD system to:

  1. include an element of peer review related to ‘scope of practice’
  2. align to existing professional development programmes (such as the RPS CPD programmes)
  3. require between 6-12 entries including evidence of impact
  4. use a continuous/spot-check model for assessment and NOT a fixed point (5 year cycle) assessment

We can help! Find out more about our new CPD service.

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•   How the RPS CPD service can help you »
•   RPS CPD pilot resources »

The RPS CPD service

We support and help members with CPD and submissions using our Faculty and Foundation professional development programmes. We are piloting the RPS CPD service to help members with an annual/continuous CPD system that meets the expectations above.

The RPS CPD pilot will involve over 1000 volunteers to test the use of existing RPS portfolio tools between April and October 2016. 

The pilot will help us to develop an annual, single-system RPS process together with support for CPD.

What's involved?

Simply email us at to join our pilot scheme.

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How the RPS CPD service can help you

Find out how we can support you with CPD

The RPS CPD service provides you with access to:

  1. A range of professional guidance
  2. Dedicated one-to-one support from our professional support service
  3. Pharmaceutical Journal and Clinical Pharmacist CPD and learning resources
  4. Our range of webinars and events 
  5. Our CPD recording and peer assessment tools

The benefits of using RPS CPD recording and assessment tools include:

  1. Supports your professional development, helping you to focus your learning needs.
  2. Being on the journey to quality assured recognition of your achievements through our Faculty or Foundation programmes
  3. Being better prepared for career progression. Our tools help record and gauge development which is helpful for job applications and evidence of achievements
  4. Confidence that your CPD would be suitable for GPhC (if you are called)

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How do I join the RPS CPD pilot?

Whether you are practising in Great Britain or overseas, all members (excluding pharmacy students and pre-registration pharmacists) are welcome to join our CPD pilot.

Simply email us at to join our pilot scheme.

Professional Support Service

Have a query about our CPD pilot? Our professional support service can help.

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