The Advanced Pharmacy Framework


Over the past decade, many frameworks and tools have evolved to support professional development across the profession. The RPS Advanced Pharmacy Framework (APF) is a framework for identifying and recognising the stage of practice. It is applicable to all sectors and nations, building on what have previously been shown to work. This can form the basis of the professional portfolio.

The APF builds on the widely used Advanced to Consultant Level Framework (the ACLF), to ensure it is applicable to all sectors and specialisms across pharmacy in Great Britain (GB).

The evidence supports its use across the profession, and more widely, for the development of both advanced and specialist practice, applicable to all who work in pharmacy.

The APF is intended for use once early or foundation years have been completed. It forms a useful supportive framework to gather evidence of advancement across the core competencies.

The APF is also used as an enabling framework to 'host' a range of professional curricula which identify the key knowledge, skills, experience and behaviours, needed in different scopes of practice.

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The RPS Advanced Pharmacy Framework (APF) Template

You can build your portfolio evidence even when you are away from your computer with the RPS Advanced Pharmacy Framework (APF) Template. The paper version APF template allows you to draft your evidence before you begin to map your evidence to the electronic Advanced Practice Portfolio (APP).

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