Core Professional Practice Curricula


The Faculty core professional practice curricula consist of five clusters of generic competencies which are applicable to all RPS Faculty members, independent of their sector or practice area.

To progress within the Faculty you should be able to demonstrate a range and breadth of knowledge, skills, experience and behaviours within your Faculty stage. The core professional practice curricula provide you with further detail to help you do this. They are flexible and are designed to be adapted to your role and area of practice so you are able to pick and choose sections or competencies that are relevant to you.

The curricula is also a development tool to help you identify what you need to do and know to progress, and contain knowledge, skills, experience and behaviours that are aspirational, thus you may find that you are not always able to provide evidence for all clusters or even every competency within each cluster in the curricula.

Members who have a specialist role may find the expert professional practice curricula useful.

Core Professional Practice Curricula