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Networks Conditions of Service from 15 February 2010

1. Acceptance of terms and conditions of service

In order to access and use Networks (the "service") you are required to read and accept the terms and conditions under which the service is provided to you by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society including staff of the Society and others moderating networks on the system.

Once you have accepted the terms and conditions you will be bound by them and this includes any changes or modifications made and published online by the Society from time to time with or without notice to you (herein collectively referred to as the "terms of service").

Please therefore read the following terms of service.

2. Registration, user accounts and security

In order to use the service, you are required to register and to be either a Society member, a member of a participating clinical or occupational interest group or an invited guest.

The details provided during registration are used by the Society to provide you with the service and to update your record on the Royal Pharmaceutical Society membership database. The Society will provide you with a personal ‘User Account’ on the service which you can update at any time using the 'My profile' area of the website.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your data within your account is current and accurate. If you do not ensure that your data is current and accurate, the Society may not be able to provide you with a full and effective service. If we believe that you have provided information that is false or may be false the Society reserves the right to terminate your access to the service immediately and without notice.

You are responsible for all acts and omissions that occur in connection with your password and you are responsible for keeping it confidential and for notifying the Society if you believe that the security of your password has been compromised.

You can unsubscribe from the service at any time using the 'My profile' area of the website.

3. User permissions

The permissions that will be granted by the Society to users to enable them to use the service will vary. 'Full access' to all non-private areas of the service will be granted to the Society members.

'Read only' access to all non-private areas of the service will be granted to invited guests at the discretion of the Society.

The Society reserves the right to change the service and your access to the service at anytime without prior notice. Where considered necessary to do so, the Society will, however, notify you of any such changes as soon as practicable.

4. User responsibilities

Use of the service does not in any way override or supercede your responsibility for exercising your professional and clinical judgement.

As the Society cannot guarantee the integrity, quality or accuracy of the content of the service it must be treated only as an aid to any decision-making processes.

It is your personal responsibility to ensure that any material/information you post on the website is accurate and complete. When relying on material/information posted on the website by others you should satisfy yourself that the material is accurate and complete before relying on it.

You acknowledge that the final responsibility for the judgements you make and for any decisions or actions that flow from them remain your full responsibility.

The Society, its staff, external moderators and other users of the service cannot be held liable in any way for any reliance on material/information or any acts that you take that as a result of using the service. You will use the service in accordance with the guidance networks rules.

Users are reminded of the principles of the Code of Ethics for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians and Professional Standards and Guidance documents that support and supplement aspects of the Code. Particular attention is drawn to professional standards and guidance for patient confidentiality and principles 3 and 6: Show respect for others / Be honest and trustworthy.

You acknowledge in particular the applicability of: Scope of Practice; Relationships with patients, professional staff and carers; Confidentiality; Duty to report; Individualised approach, Assessment; Analysis; Communication.

For non-pharmacist users the equivalent rules and/or standards that cover your profession will apply.

You agree not to use the Service:

  1. for any purpose that would be deemed illegal under English law;
  2. to upload, post, publish, transmit, reproduce any
    1. content that violates or infringes in any way upon the rights of others, including content which is inaccurate, false, hateful, threatening, abusive, offensive, harassing, unlawful, defamatory, libellous, tortious, slanderous, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, vulgar, obscene, profane, or is racially, ethnically or is otherwise objectionable; 
    2. content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party;
    3. content that is pornographic, sexually explicit or contains nudity unless in the context of an explanation of a clinical condition;
    4. content that you do not have a right to transmit under any law or under contractual or fiduciary relationships;
    5. content which contains software viruses or other harmful or destructive components or features designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software, hardware or telecommunications equipment;
    6. content that consists of links to other web-sites that contain content not in compliance with the terms of service;
  3. to engage in conduct which in the Society’s sole discretion restricts or inhibits any other user from using or enjoying the service;
  4. to impersonate any person or entity or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with any person or entity;
  5. to forge or otherwise manipulate uniform resource locators or other identifiers to disguise the origin of any content transmitted through the service, to acquire unauthorized access to restricted areas of the service, or for any other purposes;
  6. to interfere with or disrupt the service or servers or networks connected to the service, or disobey any requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of networks connected to the service;
  7. to promote or provide instructions, information or advice about illegal activities, promoting physical harm or personal injury against any individual or group.
  8. to stalk or otherwise harass another User;
  9. to collect or store personal data about other Users

5. Content

The system moderators (ie, those with overall responsibility for and authority over the management of the system including Local Practice Forums ('LPF') and the Network and Regional Moderators (Society staff or external moderators with responsibility for and authority over the management of specific content areas on the service) have full authority over what content appears on the service including reserving the right to remove content.  In exercising this right, due consideration shall be given by moderators to the original intentions and interpretation of the person submitting the content ('the contributor') and copyright will be respected on any documents submitted to the service.  However, the contributor shall have no rights of redress against a decision by any moderator to remove any content from the service for whatever reason deemed appropriate by that moderator.

The content of and opinions within discussion and exchange items contributed to the service will be the responsibility of the user in whose name they have been submitted. This type of content will not be reviewed by moderators prior to being displayed on the service. It is intended that editing of this content by the Society will be kept to a minimum as it expresses the opinions and ideas of the contributor. However, the Society reserves the right to moderate any item of content or remove from display on the service any content the Society deems to be contrary to the terms of service without the permission or prior notice of the author/contributor. We may also change any typographical or factual errors in such an item of content.

All content submitted to the service, other than document downloads, may be subject to editing by moderators. By submitting content to the service you authorise the Society and its moderators to display, edit or delete that content at their sole discretion.

Ownership, including copyright, of all content submitted to the service, other than documents, rests with the Society, unless extracted from a copyrighted source, or expressly agreed with the Society prior to submission. The copyright and ownership of all documents posted to the service for display on the service (in one of the accepted formats ie, .doc, .pdf, .xls, .ppt or .rtf) shall remain with the original author(s) or other legitimate, identified copyright owners.

When content is displayed on the service the contributor will be credited, using his/her username for this purpose. If the contributor no longer wishes to be credited following any editing of their submission he/she must notify the moderator and their user name will be removed from the item as soon as reasonably practicable.

Contributions to the service by users and moderators are made in good faith for the purpose of sharing knowledge and resources with other users of the service. All content accessed on the site or downloaded from the service cannot therefore be used by any user for the purpose of securing personal or commercial gain without the express prior permission of the copyright owner and/or the Society. Nor can content be passed to any other website or be published anywhere else outside of the service without the express permission of the copyright owner and/or the Society. If in doubt you agree to seek advice from the Society.

Much of the content available on the service is provided by users who are independent of the Society and the external moderators of the service. Since neither the Society nor the external moderators control the content they cannot guarantee its accuracy, integrity or quality and as such exclude themselves for any liability (including liability for negligence) for the content appearing on or available through the service.

The service allows you to participate in networks where users can exchange information. You consent to participating in such an environment where it cannot be guaranteed that information you submit will not be reproduced elsewhere, including outside of the service.

You agree that the Society is not in any way liable for unauthorised reproduction or distribution of information that you submit to the service. Information you submit will be displayed on the service and can be printed out and distributed by users.

6. Advertising and promotions

We strongly encourage users to add content to promote sharing of knowledge and relevant resources, opportunities and events. All advertising is, however, explicitly prohibited in order to protect the quality and focus of the service and the privacy of the user community (see clause 9). This includes adding any content that could be deemed by other users to be unsolicited advertising and/or "junk mail". Content that must not be added to the service specifically includes: advertising of professional, commercial/personal products, services and jobs/career opportunities.

Advertising research projects on Networks - users should not post clinical research questionnaires directly onto the service as this is deemed to be an inappropriate way to secure participation into a piece of clinical research.

It will then be up to the moderators of that network to decide whether they approve the item for display on the service. Inclusion of any such invitation to participate in a research project on the service in no way implies endorsement of the project by the service or any of its partners or moderators. It is the responsibility of each individual user to decide whether they wish to actually participate in the project, following receipt of the full details from the researchers.

Voluntary opportunities on the service – including unpaid opportunities which emphasise learning, skill development or practical experience can be added to Networks, but ONLY to the news section of an appropriate network. All other voluntary opportunities will be assumed to be job advertisements which are prohibited on the website and will therefore be removed.

7. Maintaining the system

The Society agrees to use our reasonable endeavours to maintain the service in fully operational condition. However, we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case and do not accept responsibility for any defects that may exist, or for any costs, loss of profits, loss of data, or consequential losses arising from your use of, or inability to access the service even where any such loss arises through the negligence of the Society.

The Society reserves the right at any time to modify, suspend or discontinue the service (or any part thereof) with or without notice to you and you agree that the Society shall not be liable to you or to any third party as a result of any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the service.

8. Access to the system

The Society has the right to suspend the account of any user and to bar them from future use of the service if they violate the terms of service. All such decisions shall ultimately be made by the Networks Manager though this may be on the advice of other moderators and the decision shall be binding on all parties. There is right of appeal against such a decision.

You accept that you are responsible for obtaining the equipment and for meeting any other costs associated with your access to and use of the service. You are also responsible for making your own back-up arrangements of any important data that you place on the service as although the Society may maintain back up facilities for data on the service, the Society cannot guarantee that these facilities are fail-safe.

9. Personal information and privacy

The Society will respect your personal information and undertakes to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. We will seek to prevent where possible advertisers or members sending unsolicited commercial emails (SPAM). If you receive any such email please inform our Data Protection Officer at 1 Lambeth High Street, London SE1 7JN

Invited guests will have a description displayed as to who they are on all items of content published onto the service.

The information (including any sensitive personal information) you submit will be stored on computers and/or servers. You consent to the Society and external moderators using the information that you submit to enable the Society and external moderators to operate the service effectively.

View the full privacy statement for the service.

10. External links

This service contains links to other internet sites or resources ("external sites"). Since these external sites are not under the control of the Society or the external moderators of the service, you acknowledge and agree that neither the Society nor the external moderators shall be responsible for the availability of the external sites nor are they responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products or other materials located on or through any external site.

Links provided to external sites do not represent endorsements of any information, products or services on such sites, and no information on such sites has been approved or endorsed by the Society or other external moderators of the service. Under no circumstances shall the Society or other external moderators of the service be held responsible or liable for any loss or damages caused or alleged to have been caused by use of or reliance on any content, goods, or services available on such external sites.

Any concerns that you may have regarding any external sites should be directed to its respective site administrator or webmaster.

11. Private networks

A Pharmacy Network may be either public or private. Access to private networks is restricted and admission will be subject to you meeting the eligibility criteria as determined by the network moderators. The criteria can be obtained via the moderators of the group.

12. No resale of service

You agree not to resell, reproduce, sell or exploit, for any commercial purposes or financial gain, the service or any portion thereof or use of or access to the service without the prior written consent of the Society.

13. Storage and resources

You acknowledge and agree that neither the Society, nor any external moderators of the service nor the service provider shall be responsible for the deletion, miscommunication or the failure to store any content on the service. The Society may establish limitations on the amount of memory, disk space, bandwidth or any other resource available on the service involving other systems.

14. Fees

The Society reserves the right at any time to charge fees for the use of the whole or any part of the service that is currently provided to you at no cost.

15. Trademarks

All trademarks, service marks, and logos used and displayed in the service are the registered and/or unregistered property of the Society or third parties. No rights are conferred on you, either expressly or by implication, to use the trademarks of the Society or third parties without the permission of the respective trademark owners. If in doubt you agree to contact the Society.

16. Copyright

We aim to respect the intellectual property of others, and we ask our users to do the same. All content accessed on the service or downloaded from the service cannot be used by any user for the purpose of securing personal or commercial gain without the express prior permission of the copyright owner. Nor should content be passed to any other website or be published anywhere else outside of the service without the express permission of the copyright owner.

Any content used from the Society for study purposes or non-commercial research should acknowledge the copyright owner in their references in any output that they produce.

If you believe that a copy of your work is available on the service without your consent or that a copyright infringement has otherwise occurred, please supply us with the following information:-

  • A description of the copyrighted work that you claim has been infringed;
  • Details of where the infringing material is located on the Networks Service;
  • Your address, telephone number and email address;
  • A statement by you that you believe in good faith that the use of the work on the service is not authorised by the copyright owner or any person entitled to act on their behalf or by law
Please forward this information to the Networks Manager at 1 Lambeth High Street London SE1 7JN

or email

17. Indemnification

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Society, the other groups and individuals moderating networks on the service and the service provider from and against any loss, claim, demand, cost and expense arising from or in connection with your use of the service or its content.

This exclusion also applies to any loss, damage, liability, distress and expense arising from the negligence of Society. You agree to indemnify the Society and any groups and individuals moderating parts of the service and the service provider from and against any liability for losses, damages, expenses and claims arising from your use of these groups or any content of the groups which you post or create.

You specifically agree that the Society and the external moderators are not responsible for or liable to you or anyone else for any threatening, defamatory, libellous, obscene, offensive or illegal conduct of any other party or you or any infringement of another's rights, including intellectual property rights.

18. Amendments

These user conditions may be amended from time to time. You should review the terms of service periodically for changes.  Our agreement with you, set out in these user terms of service is governed by English law and you and the Society and the external moderators agree, in the event of any dispute, to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Last updated 12 November 2010

Networks Business Rules

These rules are aimed at the Networks user base and will be used to help users understand how Networks will be controlled and governed.

The Networks structure will be made up of open, closed and hidden groups. The definition of an open group is anyone is able to join e.g. the General Group is made up of pharmacists from all backgrounds and may include some non-pharmacists who are invited experts to support the group. Open groups are discussing and reviewing non confidential information.

Closed groups are aimed at dealing with specific topics or clinical practice and users have to have a valid reason for joining that group, and make a request to the moderator of that group to get access approved. An example of a restricted group is the Secure Environment Pharmacists Group.

Hidden groups are for internal use only.


  • Members can belong to a number of groups if they wish
  • Members can request to join a closed group via the moderator of that group
  • Experts who are not members of the society can be invited by a group to be a guest.  This request will need to come to the Networks Manager.
  • If a group falls into non activity for an extended period it can be removed by the Networks Manager.

Setting up a new group

Members submit an online application form covering the following areas, which is directed to the Networks Manager:

  • Why do you want to form a focus group?
  • Outline the benefits to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, its members and to the profession as a whole – brief
  • What will be the group’s key focus area?
  • Where is membership likely to come from? (sector / content)
  • Will the group have a local or national focus? If you are applying to set up a local group we need to understand the interface with your Local Practice Forum
  • Expected membership size (estimate) – minimum size 6
  • Provide contact details for lead contact(s) / moderators - minimum 2 (see moderator rules)
  • Provide text for Networks  homepage:  Scope (including target audience) and Aims /objectives
  • If a group already exists outside the Society we do not want to compete with that group, but work both in partnership and towards a collaborative model.


We very much welcome the role of the moderators in our groups and appreciate their work with the Society in making Networks a successful environment.  Moderators exist across all groups and have been recruited by the Society to help offer advice, and monitor content of their group.  In most cases they are volunteers and external to the Society staff. 

The main objectives of a moderator are as follows:

  • Help monitor the activities of the group
  • Help ensure there is professional conduct in the content posted by group members
  • Respond to requests from users if they request to join their group in a professional and efficient manner
  • They have the right to accept or reject members or guests from their group if there is alleged breach of the terms of service or rules by any users
  • Check that any complaints made by members are being dealt with efficiently alongside other moderators and the Networks Manager
  • Relay any concerns or improvements back to the Networks Manager
  • Help to harvest content of the group for the main website
  • Share advice and guidance with other moderators by using the moderators group

Last updated 12 November 2010

Networks Guidance Rules

The Networks Guidance Rules ('the rules') as set out below are designed to ensure that the service that is provided by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society is a safe place for professional information exchange, discussion and knowledge sharing.  

Users are required at all times to adhere to the rules when using any part of the service. 

1. Use Networks to learn from and to support your colleagues

Take from Networks what you consider is useful, but also give back what you can, when you can. Share your knowledge and resources on the site and encourage others to do the same. Be polite and respectful at all times and remember that others may have a different point of view or level of understanding/experience and therefore may not agree with you. Remember that you can disagree without becoming disagreeable.  The Society is trying to accommodate pharmacists from all sectors.

2. Use workplace support first, where appropriate

Your agreed support structures or procedures should always be considered first before seeking colleagues support on Networks, eg, clinical supervision or local protocols.

3. Add your content just once

Save time and effort by only adding content to one area of the website. The moderators will share content to other networks if it is relevant and appropriate to do so.

4. Do not use Networks for advertising

Do not advertise for personal or commercial gain.  This specifically prohibits advertising paid jobs or professional services on the site for pharmacists or patients. The Society reserves the right to amend or remove advertising. Recommending professionally relevant resources is permitted, for more guidance on recommendations please click here.

5. Be clear, courteous, concise and constructive

Summarise the theme in the title, use simple, accessible but professional language, write out abbreviations in full, adopt a friendly tone, do not write in capitals or overuse exclamation marks and if appropriate sign off and thank people at the end.

6. You are responsible for your actions on this site

Always appraise, reflect upon and validate what you read and ensure you have a sound basis for your decisions and actions and only operate within your scope of practice and experience. If in doubt seek guidance from clinical colleagues or supervisors or seek further evidence before acting.

7. Respect copyright, data protection, privacy and the Code of Ethics at all times

Do not distribute text or graphics that are copyright protected unless you have permission to do so. Clearly state your source if you quote a book, journal, website or other reference. Do not publish onto Networks another person's contact details unless you have their explicit consent to do so.  

Do not publish examples of patients' medical records anywhere on this site.

The Networks rules form part of the conditions of service for using Networks.

Last updated 13 February 2012