“Take the leap” into a healthier future

There are things that you can do to make your partner happy: clean the house, do the shopping, attend a football match with him or watch a romantic comedy with her.

But there are also things which no matter how much your partner or your family would love you to do for them, you must decide to do for yourself.

This year’s No Smoking Day is on 14 March and it will be a great opportunity for every smoker to take the leap into a healthier future.

Pharmacists stress that quitting smoking is most successful if it starts with a smoker saying: “I want to give up smoking”. But in every pharmacy there is a qualified expert willing to provide help and support to anyone thinking about stopping smoking or ready to quit. From the behavioural and lifestyle advice to the pharmacotherapy - this is what your local pharmacy can offer you. Visiting a pharmacy for help and advice on how to stop smoking significantly increases the chances of success. According to statistics, around 750,000 people across the UK make a quit attempt each No Smoking Day and many of them give it up for good. This year’s No Smoking Day may be your first day without a cigarette. And your partner and your family are going to love it.

Approximately 10 million UK adults smoke but about two thirds say they want to give up. Each year the No Smoking Day campaign is responsible for helping more than 750,000 people across the UK attempt to quit on the day, and for inspiring another two million to seek out information to help them quit in future.

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Why is it worth to stop smoking?

  • You will reduce your risk of developing illness, disability or death caused by cancer, heart or lung disease.
  • Breathing becomes easier within just 72 hours.
  • Improved taste and smell after just 48 hours.
  • Fresh smelling clothes, house and car.
  • Running for the bus and playing sports with the kids will be easier.
  • A fresh tasting mouth – and reduced risk of oral cancer.
  • An extra two hours of time every day - a twenty a day smoker can spend two hours a day smoking.
  • Healthier looking skin and hair.
  • Stopping smoking is a single best thing a smoker could do to save around £2300 a year.
  • Freedom – you are not addicted anymore!

Why is it not worth smoking?

  • A smoking-related disease kills one out of every two smokers.
  • It causes around 50 diseases including: coronary heart disease, lung cancer, stroke, chronic bronchitis and emphysema, shortness of breath, gangrene, reduced fertility, defective vision.
  • Smoking causes oral health problems.
  • Your family is at risk if you smoke: your kids are more likely to suffer from upper respiratory infections; all members of your family even if they do not smoke can develop lung cancer or coronary heart disease.
  • Wrinkles appear faster.
  • You loose your hair.
No Smoking Day

Pharmacy smoking cessation
service – what is available?

Carbon monoxide testing: this can be beneficial in assessing a smoker’s status providing a pre quit level and a post quit level four weeks later.

Checking for COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease): the spirometer device measures the volume of air expelled in the first second of forced expiration.

Behavioural and lifestyle advice, advice on withdrawal symptom management: the pharmacist can suggest other ways in which the patient can improve their overall wellness.

Drug therapies: NRT, patches, gums, lozenges, micro-tabs, nasal sprays and inhalators.

For more information visit your local pharmacy.

Useful links

If you are a pharmacist and want to know more about how to get involved, please visit our No Smoking Day for pharmacists page.

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