Self Care Week

Self Care Week – what’s the campaign about?

What is self care?

Self care is about taking control of your own health and well being. It helps you avoid becoming ill and enables you to treat common minor illnesses such as colds and flu as well as take your medicines correctly.

Learning to take care of your health puts you in control of your health and improves your quality of life.

Where can I find out more?

Your local pharmacist can be the starting point for your self care. They can give you advice about your health and well-being, and help you treat common problems such as coughs, colds, indigestion and muscular aches and pains. Your pharmacist’s advice is even more important if you have a long-term condition such as asthma or diabetes

You don’t need an appointment to see a pharmacist and you can talk confidentially in a private consultation area. If you need any advice about your health, your local pharmacy is a great place to start.

There’s lots of useful online help with self care too.

Keeping your medicines safe

Keeping your medicines safe is an important part of self care. 

Here are our top 5 tips:

  • Keep medicines in a cool dark place, away from direct light or heat sources, such as windows or radiators. Do not keep medicines in the bathroom, even in a cabinet, as they can become hot, humid or damp.
  • Always read the patient information leaflet or labels. Some medicines need to be kept in the fridge, while others should stay at room temperature.
  • Child-resistant packaging doesn’t always work, so keep medicines out of the reach of children. A lockable cabinet is ideal, if possible placed about five feet above the floor.
  • Keep medicines in their original container, so that you know what the medicine is, how to take it, any extra instructions and the expiry date.
  • You should not keep medicines that you’ve finished using, even if they haven’t reached their expiry date. Take them to your pharmacy and they will dispose of them safely.
Self Care Week

Campaign links

More information on self care can be found on the NHS website.

More information about Self Care Week can be found on the Self Care Forum website.

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