Networking is defined as a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups with a common interest. As such it is an important professional tool. We see networking as a focused way of developing and building a group of professional contacts who can serve as friends and resources throughout a career.

The Society offers a range of networking opportunities including face to face meetings, events and conferences as well as online networking through our online groups and local practice forums.

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Local Practice Forums

Our local practice forums (LPFs) bring together the national providers of pharmacy learning (CPPE, Welsh CPPE and NHS Education for Scotland) with primary care organisations, local pharmaceutical committees, schools of pharmacy, pharmacy employers and the Society’s former local branches. In so doing, they ensure that local education and training is joined up.

To make it easier to locate your local practice forum we have categorised them into the following areas:

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Online Groups

Our online groups are similar to social networking sites but are within a professional context.

They are accessible to all members in any geographical location and have been designed to allow members working in a similar specialty or with similar interests the opportunity to share information and good practice as part of an online community.

Online groups are organised into the following categories based on area of interest:

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Partner Groups

We are committed to collaborating and co-operating with partners from across the profession to advance pharmacy. We believe that when we work together we are stronger as a profession.

We are working in partnership with specialist groups. Many of these have established networks and in these instances we are working together to understand how their expertise and knowledge can be made more accessible to pharmacists in general practice.

A full list of the partnership groups is available on our Partner Groups page.

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