2017 National pharmacy board elections


Information on the 2017 National Pharmacy Board elections will be posted here from late February 2017.

Please see the 2017 Election Scheme for more information on the National Pharmacy Board elections.

Voting preferences

As in previous years, voting papers will be emailed to eligible members by default.

In order to receive your voting papers, you should make sure that the email address in My Profile is correct.

If you'd like to vote by post, you should update your preferences in My Profile or call our membership team on 0845 257 2570.

Key dates for 2017

The elected board members will take office:

Scottish Pharmacy Board     00.01am  13th June 2017

Welsh Pharmacy Board        00.01am  19th June 2017

English Pharmacy Board         00.01am 21st June 2017

Assembly                            00.01am 18th July 2017

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