Health Histories


Welcome to the Health Histories resource.

We have created this pack to enable your class to explore the history of dentistry and pharmacy through source-based materials, drawn from the collections of the BDA Dental Museum and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Museum.

The new Edexcel Schools History Project content prescribes a careful focus on medicine and healthcare. Our resources on dentistry and pharmacy offer students the opportunity to develop a broader understanding of the changes and developments that took place in medicine in the 20th century. The self-contained activities would work particularly well as homework tasks, and will provide excellent stretch and challenge for more able students.

How does it work

There are separate sets of resources for pharmacy and dentistry. Each consists of:

• Information and enquiry sheets – for students

These provide all of the sources in context with a short glossary and suggested questions and activities that use the material. The sheets each cover a different time period starting at the beginning of the 20th century.

- Pharmacy information and enquiry sheets
- Dentistry information and enquiry sheets

• Oral history extracts – for students

For copies of the oral history extracts, please email the BDA Dental Museum. These will be emailed to you the same or the next working day.

• Source sheets

- Pharmacy sources information sheet one
- Pharmacy sources information sheet two
- Dentistry sources information sheet one
- Dentistry sources information sheet two

• Teachers' notes

- Pharmacy teachers notes
- Dentistry teachers notes

Background information

You might like to make use of our other webpages to supply additional information, or the BDA Dental Museum’s website for information about dentistry

What do you think?

We are always keen to find out how our resources are being used. This project is a pilot and so your input on how it could be developed will directly affect the second phase of the project.

If you have any feedback, please get in touch. You can download and fill in the evaluation forms for teachers and students

Otherwise, send us an email to: or