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Welcome to The evolution of pharmacy, a web-based series of linked resource sheets providing an insight into the evolution of pharmacy and medicines. Each illustrated sheet provides an introduction to a subject area with suggestions for further reading and research.



Who is this resource for?

The evolution of pharmacy is aimed at pharmacy lecturers and students. The sheets have been written at an introductory level to support lecturers who want to add historical content into their teaching. They are also aimed at pharmacists, technicians and for all who are intrigued to investigate past pharmacy practice or events.

What does the resource contain?

The evolution of pharmacy covers five broad themes:

A: The development of the profession
B: The history of the Pharmaceutical Society
C: The development of medicines
D: The development of dosage forms
E: The control of harmful substances

Within each theme, information sheets are organised in three levels:

Level 1: an introductory overview sheet that explores a broad theme
Level 2: a more detailed investigation of a particular topic area
Level 3: a focused look at a specific subject

Each sheet ends with a "Find out more" box which provides suggestions for linked sheets and further reading and resources.

How do I use it?

Click on the links in the table below to access the information sheets.

Theme   Level 1   Level 2   Level 3
A: The development of the profession               
What is a pharmacist?   
B: History of the Pharmaceutical Society   The evolution of the Pharmaceutical Society  

Membership of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

  Qualifying as a pharmacist
C: The development of medicines   The origin of medicines  



D: The development of dosage forms   The origins of dosage forms  
E: The control of harmful substances   The control of harmful substances   The history of UK medicines regulation  

Thalidomide and its aftermath

Adverse drug reaction reporting

Any comments or questions?

The evolution of pharmacyis a resource in development. We welcome comments or queries to help us to correct errors, learn about how it is being used, its performance in use, or to suggest future sheets or topics. We are also happy to answer any questions about the history of pharmacy and related subjects.

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© The evolution of pharmacy sheets have been produced by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Museum and the British Society for the History of Pharmacy for non-commercial educational use. Permission must be sought for commercial use of any part of this material.