Institute of Pharmacy Management

Institute of Pharmacy Managment

The Institute of Pharmacy Management promotes education, research and excellence in pharmacy management. Incorporated in 1964 under the Companies Act as a Limited Company (By Guarantee), the Institute is essentially an educational body which is non-profit making. The Institute embraces all branches of pharmacy: community, hospital, academia, the pharmaceutical industry and wholesale distribution 10% of its 300 members live in some 20 countries outside the United Kingdom. Membership details can be found on our website our website.

The office of President is held by Nick Wood, a practising Community Pharmacist and twice former RPSGB President. There is a Council of up to 20 directors chaired by John Ryan (Alison Ewing is vice chair).

Objects of the Institute

The objects for which the Institute is established can be found on our website but include:
(a) To promote, influence and support research;
(b) To influence and develop pharmacy management educational and skill requirements and to establish educational standards;
(c) To advance education, training and learning in pharmacy administration;
(d) To work closely with other organisations to achieve Institute objectives and contribute to relevant consultation processes;
(e) To help members achieve excellence through the provision of additional qualifications, education, training, support, advice and continuous professional development.

Contact: Ralph Higson, General  Secretary, telephone 0044 1189 775036.

IPMI is Registered in England No 811731
Registered Office: Bank Chambers, 61 High St, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 3EG

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