Pharmacy Law and Ethics Association

Pharmacy Law and Ethics Association


The Pharmacy Law and Ethics Association (PLEA) is an independent group for pharmacists who are interested in law and ethics and lawyers or ethicists who are interested in pharmacy. PLEA was founded in 1997 by Professor Joy Wingfield who is the current chairman. PLEA publishes a bulletin for members and membership costs £15 per year.

If you would like to join PLEA, click on this application form and send the completed form and fee to Helen Darracott at the postal address shown.

If you would like more information about PLEA's activities please contact the secretary or the chairman


Aims and objectives:

  • To be a forum for the study and development of legal and ethical aspects of pharmacy practice.
  • To identify and define legal or ethical questions raised by the developing nature of pharmacy practice.
  • To stimulate debate amongst practitioners and within the professional body on what constitutes ethical and responsible professional practice and why.
  • To provide informed comment, reports, or representations where appropriate, on legal and ethical issues arising in pharmacy practice.
  • To promote understanding, at undergraduate level and beyond, of the ethical basis for professional judgment.

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