The benefits of joining the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Members of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society discuss how they benefit from membership, the services they use and how membership supports them in their practice.

Pharmacists discuss the benefits of joing the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Below is a list of the benefits that members of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society recieve. 

Support   Recognise   Network   Lead   Develop

Dedicated Support Team

Recognising the profession
Local practice forums
Influencing policy development and advocacy - representing your views
Continuing professional development support
Practice guidance
and professional support

  Recognising your commitment
  Online groups
  National Pharmacy Boards
your practice

Career support   Recognising your development   Mentoring service   Expert advisory panels   Access to
online library resources
Research support   Recognising the profession's history   Events programme   Working with expert groups
to respond to consultations
  Pharmaceutical Journal 
Library support services   Recognising pharmacy as a career of choice       Leading the development of the profession
  Discounts on all publishing titles and events
Historical services   Awards           Clinical Pharmacist
Map of Evidence