Membership Committee

Memebership committee

The Membership Committee provides staff with support implementing membership policy, the development of policy for the functions of the Committee, the review of non-standard membership applications, administers the Conduct Scheme, including assessing the validity of complaints, hears appeals and prescribes appropriate and proportionate resolutions in accordance with the Laws of The Society.

The Committee also oversees, and reports to the Assembly on, the admission of Fellows into the membership category of the Society via the Panel of Fellows, which acts as a sub-group to the Membership Committee.

The Committee also acts as an auditor of membership policy.

In determining the outcome of any application or membership referred to it, the Membership Committee considers very carefully each individual case and the circumstances of the removal from the register and/or adverse disciplinary decision. In reaching its decision the committee considers the past history of the applicant/member and the reputation of the profession and of the Society and any other representations that the applicant/member may wish to make in writing to the committee. The committee also considers if, through membership, the Society could provide support and guidance to the applicant in seeking re-admission to the register.

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Appointed members of the Membership Committee

Chair: Ian Simpson MBE FRPharmS
Vice Chair
: Anne Boyter MRPharmS

Patricia Hoare FRPharmS
Zafar Khan MBE FRPharmS
Hemant Patel FRPharmS
Tim Rendell MRPharmS
Joy Wingfield FRPharmS
Carol Trower MRPharmS
Keith Davies MRPharmS

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