If you have not renewed your membership, it will now have lapsed, but don't worry, you can apply for membership online if you'd like to re-join.

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Membership fees remain the same in 2014, so you won’t pay any more than you did in 2011; full details of the fees are shown in the table on the right.

You can pay by annual Direct Debit and receive a 5% discount or you can spread the cost by choosing to pay by monthly Direct Debit. Alternatively you can pay by credit/debit card at no extra charge.


We've frozen our fees once again, meaning you pay the same as you did in 2011.

Membership type
Member, Fellow, Associate, Pharmaceutical Scientist
Standard fee Annual DD*
£192 £182


Discounted rates
Retired £70 £67
Recently qualified
(Year 1)
£96 £91
Recently qualified
(Year 2)
£144 £137
Maternity leave £70 £67
Not working
Career break
Long-term illness
£70 £67
Overseas £100 £95

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* Direct Debit payments can only be accepted from UK account holders.