Types of membership


The table below details the types of membership available and the eligibility criteria for each category.

Membership category   Eligibility
Member   Applicable to anyone who is currently or has ever been registered as a pharmacist with the GPhC or the previous regulator (i.e. the Society).
Fellow   Fellowships can be awarded to a Member of not less than 12 years' standing who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of pharmaceutical knowledge or attained distinction in the science, practice, profession or history of pharmacy.


  Applicable to anyone who holds a degree in pharmacy from an institution recognised by the Society but who is not (yet) eligible to become a Member.

Pharmaceutical Scientist

  Open to individuals working in the basic, applied or the social sciences impinging on the discovery, development, delivery, quality, safety, efficacy, regulation or usage of medicines and medical devices and their educational development in all its many aspects and for the ultimate benefit of the patient and public.
Student   Applicable to anyone studying for a degree in pharmacy at an institute recognised by the Society. Student members will also receive joint membership of the British Pharmaceutical Students Association.