Information for mentees

Information for mentees

Before you start to look for a mentor, you should consider whether having a mentor is appropriate for you. Support from a mentor is beneficial if, for example:

  • You are considering returning to practice or changing your sector of practice
  • You are starting out in your career and want to be aware of your options
  • You have a single issue you would like to discuss with an impartial person
  • You would like to review your current situation and your aspirations for your professional career and/or work-life balance

If you choose to be mentored through the RPS mentoring service, you will have a clear understanding of the boundaries and behaviours associated with mentoring and the opportunity to think about what kind of mentoring support you need. It is important to be open-minded when accessing mentoring support and to have a genuine desire to progress, develop and change to give clarity around your professional practice.

Before starting out on the mentoring process, complete the checklist for mentees to get the most out of the mentoring experience!

Using our mentoring tools

RPS Mentor Database

To find a Mentor, register on the RPS Mentoring Database.

We have mentors in all sectors and at every level of practice.  Once you register as a mentee, you will see a list of mentors who match your criteria with their contact email addresses. You can then choose your mentor. Once the mentor accepts your request, you are able to develop the type of mentoring support you need, in a way that suits you both.  

The RPS Professional Support Service is always willing to help you if you are unable to find a suitable mentor match.

Using the online mentee network 

Join the Mentee Network and connect with other mentees, discuss and share your experiences, discuss how to achieve your objectives and discover how mentoring can benefit you. 

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Mentee case study

Mentoring case study

"I found my mentor through the RPS Mentor Database. We built a supportive relationship and work well together. She offers assistance in my professional development, improves my self-confidence and offers continuous support. Having a mentor has allowed me to reflect on my development and enabled me to use her experiences to further encourage me to cultivate new skills, which I’ll use throughout my career as a pharmacist."

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