Information for mentors

Information for mentors

We offer a number of opportunities for you to become a mentor locally or virtually. If you want to support pharmacists in your expert area of practice, you can register as a mentor on our database and specify the type and location of mentoring. 

Mentor training

We recognise that many of you may be providing informal and formal support on a daily basis at your workplace and therefore will already hold the necessary skills to be on the RPS mentor database.

We offer development events for mentors publicised through our events section. Once registered on our database you have the option to choose the type and amount of mentoring you wish to provide. We believe that many of you can help others to develop their careers using the knowledge and experience you have gained irrespective of age or sector of practice.

Ask yourself if you are:

  • willing to help other members develop and achieve success?
  • a good listener and able to encourage others?
  • is interested in challenging and helping someone to reach out further?
  • is willing to share your personal knowledge and experiences?
  • Able to keep matters confidential?

If you want to read more about mentoring, have a look at our resources page.

Using our mentoring tools

Registering as a mentor

Join the RPS Mentoring database and find a Mentee. 

If a mentee specifies criteria that match your profile, a request from the mentee will be sent to the email address you provided with their profile and from then, you can develop the relationship  in a way that suits you both.

What if you already mentor through another route?

If you have the time and enthusiasm to mentor, we welcome all mentors who wish to contribute to development within our profession. If you feel that you have the capacity to take on additional mentees, you can register on our database at any time.  

As a mentor, you are contributing to your own professional development, to that of colleagues in your profession and forms part of your Faculty portfolio.

Mentor network

Join our mentor network to connect with other pharmacists who are already Mentors or are interested in becoming Mentors. You can share mentoring journeys with one another and support one another. 

For more information about mentoring or to find out how mentoring can help you see our frequently asked questions.

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Reflective learning log

You may wish complete a reflective learning log during your development as a mentor and you can start as soon as you want to. It is up to you to decide how you want to record your learning.

You may choose to use entries in the RPS Faculty portfolio, Foundation portfolio, CPD entries on Plan & Record or any other format.

You should include the following in your learning log:

  • A description of the context in which you will be acting as a mentor.
  • How you have applied / plan to apply your learning from the programme
  • Some kind of assessment of your current skills, how you will use your strengths and your areas for development
  • A review of your mentoring practice - what went well and what could you differently. You may want to consider including any feedback from your mentee.
  • Links between your practice and the Advanced Pharmacy Framework (APF). Mentorship and Role Model are competencies within cluster 5 of this framework.

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Mentoring case study

"Mentoring was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience for me and for my mentee and gave me a great sense of satisfaction knowing that I had made such a big difference to his life. I highly recommend mentoring as it is something you will look back on with great pride. Mentees often remember their mentors who made a difference to their professional and personal development."

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