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Commision on Future Models of Care - Delivered through pharmacy

Current NHS reforms, along with an unprecedented era of economic, demographic and technological change, present both challenges and opportunities for the pharmacy profession.  There are various visions for pharmacy and new models of practice in circulation, but nothing that knits them together in a coherent narrative for the profession's role in the reformed NHS in England. 

With this in mind, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society set up a Commission on Future Models of Care, chaired by Dr Judith Smith, Director of Policy at the independent charitable research foundation the Nuffield Trust. 

The Commission has brought together expertise from across pharmacy, the wider health care sector, and patients and the public to develop practical ideas about how future models of care can be delivered through pharmacy. The report of the Commission suggests how policy makers, commissioners and the pharmacy profession can put into practice such new models of care.

Now or Never: Shaping pharmacy for the future is a report from the Chair of the Commission, Dr Judith Smith, Director of Policy at the Nuffield Trust, making the case for change for the role of pharmacy within the context of the wider development of the NHS.

The Commission's terms of reference are to:

  • make the case for change in relation to the role that pharmacy can play in the delivery of care
  • articulate the benefits to patients of involving pharmacists in the delivery of a wider range of services
  • identify the range of models of care involving pharmacy that are starting to emerge in the UK and overseas
  • examine what has helped or hindered the development of such models of care
  • identify what needs to be done to enable and support the spread of such models of care
  • consider the implications of the commission's findings for policy and practice in the English NHS and more widely

Who's involved

Judith Smith

Dr Judith Smith

Chair of the Commission
Director of Policy, Nuffield Trust

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Tony Avery

Professor Tony Avery

Expert Advisory Group member
Professor of Primary Health Care, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, University of Nottingham


Nick Barber

Professor Nick Barber FPharmS

Expert Advisory Group member
Director of Research & Evaluation, Health Foundation


Professor Alison Blenkinsopp FRPharmS

Expert Advisory Group member
Professor of the Practice of Pharmacy, University of Bradford


David Chandler

David Chandler

Expert Advisory Group member
Patient representative


David Colin-Thome

Professor David Colin-Thom OBE

Expert Advisory Group member
GP, Chair, Primary Care Commissioning and former Director of Primary Care


Clare Howard

Clare Howard MRPharmS

Expert Advisory Group member
Deputy Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, National Commissioning Board


Chris Howland-Harris

Chris Howland-Harris MRPharmS IPresc

Expert Advisory Group member
Community pharmacist


Sue Latter

Professor Sue Latter

Expert Advisory Group member
Professor of Nursing, University of Southampton


Dr Johnny Marshall

Dr Johnny Marshall

Expert Advisory Group member
GP and Interim Partnership Development Director for NHS Clinical Commissioners


David Martin

David Martin

Expert Advisory Group member
Patient representative


Jonathan McShane

Cllr Jonathan McShane

Expert Advisory Group member
Cabinet Member for Health, Social Care & Culture Labour Councillor for Haggerston


Martin Stephens

Martin Stephens MRPharmS

Expert Advisory Group member
Associate Medical Director for Clinical Effectiveness, University Hospital Southampton


Dr Tracey Thornley

Dr Tracey Thornley MRPharmS

Expert Advisory Group member
Senior Research and Development Manager, Boots UK


Nicola Walsh

Dr Nicola Walsh

Expert Advisory Group members
Assistant Director, Leadership development, The King's Fund


Helen Williams

Helen Williams MRPharmS

Expert Advisory Group members
Consultant Pharmacist for Cardiovascular Disease, Southwark Health and Social Care/South London Cardiac and Stroke Networks


Catherine Picton

Catherine Picton MRPharmS

Project Lead and Secretary to the Commission



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