Affiliation and partnership agreement documents

RPS Affiliate groups

About partner groups

Affiliation is built on a closer relationship than partnership and includes specific provider functions. Affiliated groups collaborate and cooperate with the RPS to achieve shared goals and aims to the mutual benefit of both organisations and the profession on specific areas agreed under the seven principles of affiliation.

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Principle 1: To provide accredited education, training and development

Affiliated groups will be RPS accredited education and training providers completely aligned with our shared strategy to provide a roadmap of quality assured education, training and development opportunities, mapped to the RPS career stages, from Foundation to Faculty, through our accredited provider models.

Where appropriate, affiliated groups will be eligible for all three accredited provider categories: accredited training provider; accredited Foundation provider; accredited Faculty provider.

Principle 2: To develop, steward and support professional curricula

Affiliated groups will lead the development and co-production of professional curricula and associated design of educational best practice, to ensure pharmacists are supported by professional guidance and support that help the development of pharmacists at all stages in their career through the development of core curricula at foundation and Faculty stages, for generalist and specialist areas of practice

Principle 3: To support and (where appropriate) deliver assessments for RPS Faculty and Foundation

Members of affiliated groups will be Faculty and Foundation assessors where applicable and appropriate.

Principle 4:  To develop and deliver shared events

Affiliated groups will co-produce significant events, education and training programs, master classes and other mechanisms to provide a roadmap of quality assured education, training and development opportunities, across all stages and areas of practice through our accredited provider models. The RPS will provide free room hire for affiliated groups.

Principle 5: To support, develop and disseminate research and evaluation

Affiliated groups will support and contribute to programmes for the research and evaluation of workforce impact studies resulting from the implementation of the RPS Faculty and Foundation programmes.

Principle 6:  To actively support the RPS Faculty and Foundation programmes

Affiliated groups will be proactive in their support for the development of practitioners towards Faculty engagement as a desirable and ultimately as an essential professional development step.  This means actively working with the Faculty to improve the capabilities and professional recognition of individuals for the general enhancement of pharmaceutical care services.

Principle 7:  To promote membership (where applicable) across affiliated groups and RPS

Where applicable, affiliate groups will actively share the view that eligible practitioners should be members of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and would actively encourage membership as an “essential” within their own group. RPS will work with the affiliated groups towards a dual membership arrangement with the RPS within the parameters of financial security.