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Changes to RPS Local engagement in England

We are making some changes to the way we engage locally with members and non-members. We need to build on what works and also tackle areas where local engagement could be better for all pharmacists. 

We want to make greater use of technology including webinars, web based networks, live streaming, video and other digital media to allow more pharmacists to network with each other and access helpful resources. Although some of this, including changes to the RPS Local Engagement Team are happening now, we want to work with members to develop the other changes for 2017.  These changes include  reorganising  the shape and size of the team supporting this work and will also change  the ways we fund local events.

Robbie Turner, the new Director of RPS England, is joining us in mid January and will lead this work  on behalf of the English Pharmacy Board.

What happens next? »

We would like to work with you as our local members of the profession to identify what works, not only for RPS but for you, and to work out a way to engage better now and in the future. We want to work with you to build on what you do well, learning from best practice, identifying what we can do within budget. 

During November we be running webinars and other engagement events to allow you to get involved 

We can reassure you that if you have planned events for before end of March 2017, we can honour these. Since we are currently developing the local engagement model for 2017 we suggest you postpone planning beyond March until we are able to communicate the outputs of this work. In addition funding of local engagement from April 2017 will need to be tailored to the adopted local engagement model so a new funding process will be described as part of the work on the future of local engagement.  

Why are we making these changes? »

Many pharmacists and members have supported local engagement through events and project work. We are hugely grateful to those that have volunteered to make this happen, and we will need your support in future. However, we also know that the local events are not accessed by the majority of members and that some pharmacists and members are looking for different ways to engage with the RPS. In addition, we need to make sure we deliver best value from the reduced resources we have to support local engagement. 

We know that some LPF steering groups are looking for different support from RPS and that, together with our local leaders, we now need to create a new model of local engagement that meets the needs of as many pharmacists as possible, within the budget we have available.

What has happened to the September allocation of funding from RPS? »

As we move to a new model of engaging with members locally we are making changes to how RPS funds this activity. If you are planning an event up until 31st March 2017, in the first instance we would ask LPF steering groups to use RPS funding held in local bank accounts to pay for this activity.

If your local RPS funds don't cover the activity you have planned up until 31st March 2017 in full please email support@rpharms.com with contact details, including phone number and email address of the person to contact about the local LPF activity and we will get back to you by the beginning of next week about next steps. We would like to reassure LPF members that we will honour activity you have planned up until March 2017.

How can I get involved with designing the new RPS local engagement model? »

We know that local pharmacists have invested a lot of their own time and energy into LPFs and local activity. We want to work with the profession locally to make sure that as many pharmacists as possible can benefit from local RPS engagement. Our commitment is to make sure you are fully involved in the process of designing a new model, we will soon be announcing how you can get involved. In the meantime please email support@rpharms.com to register your interest

If I want help and advice with running an event what should I do? »

In the short term if you are seeking advice or support with any forthcoming events please contact support@rpharms.com , we can offer advice and can also put you in touch with other LPFs who may be able to support with information and advice. We can post the details of your LPF event on to the relevant section of the RPS website. We will also be continuing to provide support with the web based LPF networks, if you are experiencing any issues with the networks please contact support@rpharms.com. We will not be able to offer face to face support for local LPF events.

What do I do if I have questions? »

If you would like to talk to us please email support@rpharms.com or call 0845 257 2570

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Local Engagement Operational Group

Deals with day to day operational issues of LPFs including funding:


Local Engagement Task & Finish Group

Is composed of English Pharmacy Board members and Local Practice Forum Leads. The LETFG will work with local members to develop options and recommendations for the future of local engagement:

Local Engagement Reference Group

Is composed of LPF Steering Group members who have an interest in the future of RPS Local Engagement. The LERG will generally operate as a virtual network and allow members to discuss future models of local engagement as part of an on-line community as well as offering scrutiny and advice to the LETFG on their work: