About local practice forums

Local practice forum

A Local Practice Forum (LPF) is a local network of Royal Pharmaceutical Society members, who come together at regular local meetings to:

     •   promote and share best practice
     •   demonstrate local leadership
     •   help influence country boards
     •   provide local peer-to-peer support

There are 48 LPFs covering all areas of England, Wales and Scotland. Members can join any LPF they chose, be it closer to where they live or where they work, and there is no limit on how many you can join. The LPF is an extension of the Society, providing members with local opportunities to meet other like minded pharmacy professionals.

As member-run networks, each LPF is represented by a steering group, which is a great opportunity to get involved and to make sure that your LPF is doing all it can to meet local practice needs. As a steering group member, you get the opportunity to represent the profession and work closely on behalf of the Society with other local and national health organisations.

LPFs are supported by facilitators who act as are contacts for members. If your you want to know anything about what is happening in your area, be sure to contact your local facilitator.

To make it easier to locate your local practice forum, and find out who your LPF facilitator is, we have categorised these networks into the following areas:

       •   London and Kent »

       •   Midlands and East »

       •   Southern England »

       •   Northern England »

       •   Scotland »

       •   Wales »


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