Our online groups are similar to social networking sites but are within a professional context.

They are accessible to all members in any geographical location and have been designed to allow members working in a similar specialty or with similar interests the opportunity to share information and good practice as part of an online community.

This new communication tool makes it easier to interact with other members.

Join our online groups 

As a member of our online community you’ll be able to:

  • Network with other pharmacists with similar interests
  • Join specialist groups
  • Post your own discussion topics
  • Share information about yourself and what you do
  • Share documents, photos and videos
  • Find other members in your local area
  • Search events using the online calendar

To make it easier for you we have categorised the groups in the following sections:

You can click on any of the links on the left to find out more about each of these groups. To join a group you will need to login and visit the networks section.

As a member you can also suggest new groups. As part of our collaborative approach to working with the profession, we will check all new group suggestions to make sure that a group doesn’t already exist which covers a similar area. Where a group does exist we will signpost you to that group so that you can become a member.

As we develop these groups further we hope that existing groups will join our networks so that members only have to come to one place to find a range of networking opportunities.

If you let us know the areas you are interested in, we can update you as we add new groups. You can update your areas of interest in the work details section of My Profile. You will need to be logged in to access this area of the site.

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