About partner groups

About partner groups

We are committed to collaborating and co-operating with partners from across the profession to advance pharmacy. We believe that when we work together we are stronger as a profession.

We are working in partnership with specialist groups. Many of these have established networks and in these instances we are working together to understand how their expertise and knowledge can be made more accessible to pharmacists in general practice.

Where these groups do not have an established online network, we are making one available to them. Where applicable click on the links below to find out more about these groups and their activities.

The partner groups we are working with are:


APS Academy of Pharmaceutical Science
APN Ambulance Pharmacists Network
APTUK Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK
ATHP Association of Teaching Hospital Pharmacists
BPNG British Pharmaceutical Nutrition Group
BOPA British Oncology Pharmacy Association
BSHP British Society for the History of Pharmacy
CMHP College of Mental Health Pharmacy
FCP Faculty of Cancer Pharmacists
HIVPA HIV Pharmacists Association
IPM Institute of Pharmacy Management
JPAG Joint Pharmaceutical Analysis Group
NAWP National Association of Women Pharmacists
NIVG National IV Group
NCTG National Pharmacy Clinical Trials Advisory Group (Network)
NPPG Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacy Group
NHS Ed/Dev NHS Education and Development
PCPN Palliative Care Pharmacist Network
PAG Primary Care Pharmacists group
PCCPN Primary and Community Care Pharmacy Network
PCPA Primary Care Pharmacists Association
PLEA Pharmacy Law and Ethics Association
QA / tech services Quality Assurance / Specialist Technical Services
UKRPG Radiopharmacists Group
SEPG Secure Environment Pharmacist Group
UK PCPN Palliative care pharmacist group
UKCPA United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association 1
UKMI United Kingdom Medicines Information
UKOP UK Ophthalmic Pharmacists
UKRPG United Kingdom Renal Pharmacy Group

The UKCPA also has the following expert groups:

UKCPA Expert Groups
Care of Elderly
Critical Care
Diabetes and Endocrinology
Education and Training
 General Medicine
Haemostasis, anticoagulation & thrombosis
Infection Management
Leadership development
Medicines safety & quality
Pain management
Respiratory Surgery