Partnership and affiliation agreement documents

RPS Partnership Groups

About partner groups

The RPS works in partnership with organisations within and outside of the profession, across Great Britain and internationally to ensure the purpose and vision of the RPS is realised for the profession, patient care and public health. This enables the RPS and the partnership groups to lead, develop and support the profession to improve patient care for the benefit of patients and the public. As the professional body for pharmacy we are committed to identifying joint or shared objectives on which both organisations collaborate to achieve the best outcomes for both parties, the profession and the public.

We strive to achieve this by

  • co-producing information where appropriate which both parties can distribute as appropriate to their stakeholder bodies
  • supporting each other to achieve shared goals
  • channelling expertise and practice across defined areas of pharmacy practice
  • communicating regularly to ensure effective relations and common partnership purpose

The RPS works collaboratively with

  • National pharmacy organisations
  • National specialist, clinical and sectoral organisations
  • Non-pharmacy organisations e.g. other healthcare professions
  • Patient and health charities
  • International pharmacy organisations
  • International non-pharmacy organisations

The RPS is also establishing closer working relationships with some groups who are seeking to provide services, e.g. training and education, on behalf of the RPS.  These groups are known as RPS affiliate groups.