Screenshot of the overview page

The Overview page

When you click on the link to enter your group, you will be taken to the Overview page about the group.

You will also see the following six tabs, which will take you to the other areas.




  • Overview
  • News
  • Events
  • Discussion
  • Documents
  • Multimedia

On this overview page, there is a quick links box on the left-hand navigation which allows to to jump to other pages in the Networks section. The quick links allow you to see:

  • the most recent activity in your group
  • who is currently online
  • the page to join more groups
  • the form to suggest a new group

The overview page also includes the following useful tools:

  • view and search all members of the group
  • send a message to a group member
  • see a list of the most recent activity
  • see a list of group contacts and their details


Screenshot of the news section

News items

The News section is a great place to share the latest information related to your group and to keep others up-to-date with the latest news.

By clicking on the 'News' tab, you can view the most recent news and also add your own items.

To add a news item, simply click on the 'Add news' button and fill in the quick form. You can also insert an image and upload a file to accompany the news item.

Screenshot of the events page


The Events page shows the upcoming events for this group for the current calendar month. You can also view events for previous and future months.

If you wish to add an event to the group click on the ‘Add Event’ button and complete the details on the form. You can promote your event with images, web links and documents and even receive a list of RSVPs.

Screenshot of the discussions page


This is a great way to communicate with pharmacists across the country and connect with like-mided colleagues.

A forum is set up for each group, to ensure that all topics are kept within the scope of each discussion.

You can start a new thread by clicking on the 'Start discussion' link or make comments on the current topics.

Screenshot of the documents page


This area allows you to store documents associated with this group. Share your files and collaborate with your colleagues through the network.

Screenshot of the multimedia page


This area allows you to share videos that are available online, such as Youtube.

Networks are a member-only benefit. If you are a Royal Pharmaceutical Society member, login to access your online networks.

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