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Our series of talks are hosted jointly with the British Society for the History of Pharmacy.

The talks are free to attend. To reserve a place and for more information e-mail the Museum team or call 020 7572 2210.

Galen by Professor Vivian Nutton

6th October 2014, 5.30pm
1 Lambeth High Street, London, SE1 7JN

The Talk

Galen, a physician, surgeon and medical writer, was born in 129AD.  He was Greek by birth, but spent most of his career in Rome where he was personal physician to three emperors and achieved great fame during his lifetime. Through his writings, his influence on medical theories and practices continued for many centuries, both in the Arab world and in medieval Europe. In the 1840s, the founders of the Pharmaceutical Society chose him as a “father of pharmacy” to feature as a supporter of the Society’s Coat of Arms.  What did Galen achieve during his lifetime?  Why were his writings so influential?  


The Speaker

Vivian Nutton, Emeritus Professor of the History of Medicine at University College London, specialises in the history of the classical tradition in medicine, from Antiquity to the present, particularly on Galen, some of whose works he has edited and translated.  Among his publications is the first ever edition and translation of Galen’s On My Own Opinions.