A career in academic pharmacy

Keiran Watts - Pharmacy student

"Passing on a wealth of experience to future pharmacists is one of the best things about working in the academic field of pharmacy." 

Dr Gill Hawksworth, Teacher Practitioner

Whether it's teaching, researching, practising or a mix of all three, academic pharmacists enjoy exciting careers in universities, research institutes and other organisations throughout the world.

Teacher practitioners spend on average around 60% of their time working in hospital, community or industrial pharmacy and the other 40% of the time as a pharmacy teacher or lecturer.

Alternatively, you might like the idea of working in research, from drug design through to the provision of pharmacy services. As a research pharmacist, you will enjoy a rewarding and satisfying career, knowing your work is helping improve lives. Put simply, academic pharmacists are involved in a variety of exciting roles, often working on their own initiative and with a great deal of control over their own day-to-day lives.


What do academic pharmacists do? video



"I became interested in pharmacy after completing my training as a veterinary nurse.  I like the thought that I am doing a course which will enable me to make a difference to people's lives.

Although I haven't decided which area of pharmacy I want to work in yet, I know it's a career where I can continually develop my knowledge and have new challenges open to me."

Katie Walters
Pharmacy student