A career in community pharmacy

Stephen Foster - Pharmacy Superintendent

"I love customer service! The best bit about my job is that I spend my time with patients, and helping them gives me great satisfaction. I believe that pharmacy is a 'calling' rather than a job, so I think that you have to be drawn to it in the first place. Once you're in, the rewards are to be found in the faces of patients delighted by your help and support."

Stephen Foster, Pharmacy Superintendent

Community pharmacists work at the frontline of healthcare in cities, towns and villages across Great Britain. They work from their own pharmacies or out of local healthcare centres and doctor's surgeries.

As a community pharmacist your job would be all about helping the public, assessing their conditions and making decisions about which medicines they should take. You'll be involved in dispensing medicines and offering your patients advice and practical help on keeping healthy. It is a very responsible job and community pharmacists tend to be highly respected members of their communities.

Community pharmacists are also taking on more of the clinical roles that have traditionally been undertaken by doctors, such as the management of asthma and diabetes as well as blood pressure testing. They also help people give up smoking, alter their diets to make them healthier and advise on sexual health matters.

Some community pharmacists own their own businesses and enjoy the challenges of financial management and responsibility for staff, stock and premises that this brings. Others work for large high street pharmacy chains and have the opportunity to move around within an established company structure.

"I will follow my mother into a career in pharmacy which is an interesting job with many opportunities and good levels of pay.

With the development of sciences and the discovery of new drugs the pharmacy profession will play a key role in the future of world health."

Moutoudi Evangelia
Pharmacy student