17/12/2012 - RPS statement on BBC Inside Out investigation

RPS statement on BBC Inside Out investigation

An investigation by the BBC's Inside Out programme has made serious allegations of malpractice amongst a group of nine pharmacists in London.

These isolated cases do not reflect in any way the highly professional service provided by community pharmacists every day up and down the country which helps the many patients who need their advice. The vast majority of pharmacists put patient safety first and uphold the law and the public can be reassured they will receive an excellent service from them.

Whilst we cannot comment on individual cases, it is illegal to provide prescription-only medicines without clear authority and such activity poses a significant risk to patient safety. Pharmacists will be shocked by the seriousness of these allegations. We condemn any deliberate practice that could lead to patient harm and would like to see a swift and thorough investigation into the matter by the appropriate authorities.

RPS Spokesman, Neal Patel, spoke to BBC News about the investigation earlier today.

Video: Neal Patel speaks to BBC News about the Inside Out investigation into the illegal sale of prescription-only medications by pharmacists

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