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Information Management and Technology

Information Management and Technology underpins and supports the delivery of pharmacy services right across all sectors of pharmacy and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society is committed to ensuring that such systems and processes are developed in the most appropriate way.

Effective and robust IT systems are vital to the future development of new clinical and professional roles for pharmacy and need to be cohesive with the models of connectivity in the 3 countries, they need to be developed to accommodate e-prescribing, access to health records, more sophisticated PMR systems and emerging technologies. The RPS is demonstrating leadership in taking this important area of work forward both strategically and operationally by ensuring that the professional requirements of pharmacists are maintained, supported and developed in their day to day practice.

We recognise that there are  differences in IT systems across the countries and will work with members, governments and stakeholders to ensure that what is being developed fulfils the needs and aspirations of the membership in each country.

Currently there is an active EPSr2 thread and others will follow as we seek member engagement, views and experiences.

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