Local practice forum

Advanced and Consultant Level Practitioners' Group


To support the development of higher levels of practice  in pharmaceutical services locally and nationally for patient benefit, working with pharmacy stakeholders within and outside the profession.



  • To support individuals in the advancement of pharmacy practice up to consultant level.
  • To work with the professional leadership body (PLB) for pharmacy in developing higher level practice in pharmacy.
  • To provide leadership, mentoring and expert support for members to deliver advanced models of medicines management for the benefit of patients, other health care professionals and the public.
  • To promote the development of formal links between advanced and consultant level practitioners and Higher Education Institutes (HEIs), to support both the education and training and the research and development agendas.
  • To provide a forum for sharing experiences, peer support and discussion of continuing professional development  supporting individual practitioners’ development to higher levels of practice (including  contribution to local agendas around national initiatives).
  • To work with the professional leadership body for pharmacy supporting publicity for pharmacy in the media.

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