NHS Pharmacy Education and Development Committee

NHS Pharmacy Education and Development Committee

The NHS Pharmacy Education & Development Committee (NHS PEDC) functions at national, strategic and operational levels. It synthesises the expert and diverse perspectives of pharmacy education and training. This coalition influences the development of the NHS pharmacy workforce and informs the planning, modernisation and investment strategies for pharmacy education and training in the UK. The Main Committee considers broader issues and pharmacist-specific education while the Pre-registration Trainee Pharmacists Specialist Group and the Support Staff Specialist Group consider matters relating to those staff groupings. 

The NHS PEDC, supported by its Specialist Groups, provides co-ordination in pharmacy education, development, and training within organisations providing NHS services across the UK. This leads to a single contact on all matters relating to NHS pharmacy education and training. Committee members represent the interests of NHS pharmacy education, training and development in English Strategic Health Authorities, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Observers attend meetings from a range of stakeholder organisations and members represent the Committee on various national groups and committees.

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