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The Pharmacist Prescribing Discussion Group is a discussion forum open to all registered and trainee pharmacist prescribers and those pharmacists who have an interest in the development and implementation of non-medical prescribing.  The discussion group has been set up to facilitate the exchange of information and to support people involved in this developing field.

The group is open to any pharmacist registered with the GPhC, whether working in the National Health Service, private or commercial sector, or not currently employed.Pharmacist prescribing refers to the activity regulated by the GPhC and includes both supplementary and independent pharmacist prescribers.

The  Pharmacist Prescribing Discussion Group  has the following mission: to provide a supporte for pharmacist prescribers and facilitate information exchange in order to promote best practice for patients and to contribute to work on pharmacist prescribing through the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB).

Aims and objectives:

  • to maintain and develop the profile of pharmacist prescribers within RPSGB and with external stakeholders
  • to contribute to the development of practice guidance for the profession as a whole  as requested by RPSGB
  • to identify key individuals from the pharmacist prescriber pool to represent the RPSGB on national guideline committees.

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